#BRAvsGER: Why This FIFA Match Has Taken Twitter By Storm

Last night you didn’t want to be a Brazil fan. With the pain of defeat probably greater than the pain of a Brazilian wax (Germany annihilated the hosts 7-1 in the semis), Twitter, as always, was agog with jokes. The social media site tweeted this morning that, at 35.6 million tweets, #BRA v #GER was the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter.

And it wasn’t just the press and fans—many players also tweeted about their feelings after the match. We’ve compiled the best tweets from last night into one giant, fun package.

The German players, understandably, were stoked.





A sentiment not shared by Brazilian captain of the match David Luiz, who publicly apologised to the whole nation. 

And here come the jokes.













Even the commentators couldn’t help themselves.
“The referee has decided that no additional time will be a good idea today.”

Heard this one at home while watching the match.
“It seems like the only players left to score are the German defenders.”  

This Vine pretty much summed up the entire match.    

The Neymar jokes weren’t far behind.




We’re loving the wordplay on this one.


Tweet of the night? We think so.

The poor Brazilian fans just couldn’t catch a break.


Obviously the loss was attributed to our favourite pop stars.



Even Christ the Redeemer wasn’t spared.




And, lastly: because no good story can end without a joke inspired by popular culture. In this case, Game of Thrones.



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