Brew The Indian Bean

Craving for a steaming cup of coffee? Ditch those fancy lattes and mochas and instead get a wisp of true unblended coffee. An online store, The Indian delivers single-estate coffee sourced from Coorg and Kodaikanal to your home for absolutely no extra charge. You don’t have to go scouting for those robust flavours and warm aromas. The guys behind the venture have travelled to places to find treasure troves of coffee that will be sold through their website. Kappi anyone?
Currently they sell two single estate coffees, Appa’s coffee from Coorg and Frowner’s Coffee from Kodaikanal. Appa’s coffee is priced at Rs. 270 for 250 grams and at Rs. 506 for 500 grams while Frowner’s Coffee is priced at Rs. 350 for 250 grams and at Rs. 650 for 500 grams.
Place your order through their website and for additional details, check their Facebook page. The Indian Bean delivers only in Mumbai for no additional cost and provides cash on delivery.
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