Vanity Fair: Make Up Tips and Trends for Brides

An Indian bride is probably the perfect example of pure elegance and femininity: the graceful flow of her long tresses, the sinuous silhouette of her dupatta, the ray of light from her mang tikka and those perfect eyes, as deep as the ocean. But a lot goes behind this perfection. A bride’s make-up plays as important a role as her wedding outfit to make her look immaculately beautiful. It can make all the difference needed to give her a Goddess-like appearance.  Here are some make up trends for brides, dos and don’ts and different looks that she can adorn. We tell you what’s hot this season for all the brides-to-be.

Trending: Sultry and Subtle

This season, it’s all about the art of looking subtle yet sensuous. Earthy makeup tones and nude shades on the eyes will make you look glamorous and delicate at the same time. Smokey looks work great as well depending on the outfit you choose for your wedding. Balance is the key word for this season’s bridal make-up trends.

Different Shades of a Bride

While it is important to coordinate your make-up with your outfit and the flamboyance of an Indian wedding, make sure you don’t go overboard with shades. Find a balance between contrasting colours and match them to your outfit. If your wedding attire is bright with more than one tone of different colours, let the eyes and lips be understated with a touch of sheen.

For the bold and beautiful, smokey eyes look stunning with almost any outfit, as long as the emphasis is placed only on the eyes and keeping the lip colour an undertone.

Well-pigmented eye shadows and deep shades will give the bride’s eyes intensity, which is hard to ignore.

Coral pinks, intense ruby, berry and wine is what you should opt for, for fuller lips of deep tones. 

Dos and Don’ts

  • Always use smudge proof eyeliner and mascara to make sure your eye make-up remains intact.
  • Do not let your eyes get too shiny, as all those photographs will have you shying away due to the flash. The glitter will reflect the flashlight, thus spoiling the picture.
  • Use an eye primer or base to extend the longevity of your make up.
  • Show and look how you feel: happy! No make-up can bring that glow of inner happiness.

Bride in the Day

A gorgeous coral lehenga with a hint of gold or silver work on it would be an apt choice of outfit for a day function.

The bride’s make-up would comprise nude shades, subtle oranges and peaches and maybe a deep burgundy lip colour  to add intensity to the look. The hair can be either tied into a breezy bun or a loose side plat.



Katrina Kaif in a gorgeous Manish Malhotra outfit.

Katrina Kaif in a gorgeous Manish Malhotra outfit.

Bride in the Night

While we think a bride can be styled in so many different ways depending on her individuality and personal style, her evening wedding outfit should shine among the crowd, like a pearl in an ocean shell. We suggest a bright mix of colours or bold tones of one shade when it comes to going kitschy on your wedding day. You can keep it simple yet elegant and classy by going for the ever classic gold look.

Give your eyes a deep shadow of smokey eyes and let them speak for you. The lips can be a supple pink or nude if the wedding dress is bold.
It really is all about balancing out every aspect of the bridal outfit, and if you master that, nothing can keep you from shining through the most significant day of your life!




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