Score Fashion Brownie Points: 4 Reasons Brown Is The Colour Of The Season

Brown is so infused into our lives─from our wheat-kissed skin to the earthy tones of nature─it’s a neutral friend to have around. Rich mahoganies, chocolates and tans finish an outfit with unmatched flair. Oh don’t worry, you won’t blend in like a wallflower, we’re here to break that myth. Dribble it with chocolate sauce, in fact! If you’ve never given brown its true due, make up for lost time and bring out the colour from behind the scenes to the forefront of your wardrobe.

We’ve built a strong case for the camels and the beiges and their deeper and darker friends. Here are four reasons to adopt brown with open arms.

1. Brown Goes With Just About Anything
You just can’t go wrong playing it brown. Throw on a pair of caramel-coloured brogues, fill in the gaps with mud-toned moccasins, sling-it with a big brown bag and you have it all figured out. It’s great to take have a go-to colour that also does the job of filling in all those gaps when putting together a look from scratch.

burberry-prorsumBurberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2013-2014

2. Brown Is Just As Versatile As Brighter Hues
Brown has so many different shades you can get your hands on and play around with. Don’t be too safe with just brown accessories when you can pick up on colours like honey, butterscotch, almond, pecan─you name it. And guess what─even burgundy comes from the brown family.

PradaPrada Fall 2013

3. Brown Can Be So Chic And So Casually Hippie All At Once
Brown has a way of morphing seamlessly into everything you wear. Take a brown leather jacket out for a spin and you can dress up a slight lace dress or a cascading skirt, depending upon the occasion. Don’t forget the trench coat you can’t live without and Burberry for those classic beige checks. Add brown boots to the list and your travel avatar is ready to step out in the sun.

michael-kors-spring-2014-brown                                                                                                     Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014

4. Brown Is BIG On The Runway
Runway shows are absolutely alive with browns and Michael Kors’ Spring Summer 2014 collection is one of the propagators. Kors used the colour generously in flirty dresses and eye-catching prints that show off the warmer and deeper brown tones. Check out Prada’s super luxe looks in mocha shades if you want to make the look uptown and sleek.

If you too can’t get enough of the colour, we’d love to hear your interpretation of brown fashion as well.

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