Get Bugged: Wearing Insect Prints Is The Season’s Newest Trend

We have all loved the bird styles, from owl accessories to bird print shirts and dresses. Now brace yourself to face your fears (Entomophobia - try and say that 5 times in one breath!) as we talk about the bug trend. Yes, those creepy, crawly ones you usually scream and run away from, will now be on your clothes, bags and shoes. Nah, we don’t want to scare you, we only mean to say that bug prints are very ‘in’ right now. While these prints have been around for a while, we have observed a surge in fashionistas and celebs sporting it. Bug Print Accessories Celebrity Style Spotting
Solange Knowles and Mischa Barton work the creepy bug prints like divas. While one goes black and white, the other one plays with colours. Which one do you like?

Bug Print Dresses

How to Wear the Trend
Bugs tend to irritate and scare us. Well, the same may happen with your fashion sense, if you don’t style your prints well. Here’s how you can wear this trend without putting anti-pest spray all over you. If you are unsure of sporting these prints with confidence, start with something simple and pretty like butterfly or dragonfly prints. These have been popular for years and are easily available in your favourite shades.

Butterfly Top and Dragonfly Jeggings

Butterfly Top: Rs 950, Dragonfly Jeggings: $34

If you want to take it a notch higher, get the adorable and trendy bug-print dresses. These are subtle, yet scream fashionable from every angle. Try different cuts, fabrics and styles to enhance your look.

Print Dresses

Skater Bug Dress: £20, Blue Girly Bug Dress: £35

Since you’re already rising on the fashion scale by following the global trends we suggest, why not add a twist to your accessories like bags and shoes? Take a look at these bugged and webbed bags.

Spider Web Bag and Bee Tote

Spider Web Bag: Rs 750, Bee Tote: Rs 349

Thinking of going formal? Try these bug trend accessories. Your office or semi-formal attire will get a touch of international fashion with these items.

Bug Print Accessories

Scarf: $14.95, Bug Pearl: Rs 399, Lady Bug Earrings: Rs 249 , Spider Neck piece: £24

What do you think of the creepy, crawly trend? Tell us in the comment section.

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