6 Great Firming Exercises To Get That Perfect Derriere

You’ve longed for a perfectly toned butt ever since you saw that gorgeous bikini model in a magazine, but gym memberships are too expensive and the training equipment can be quite an investment. Well, if you think it’s a lost cause, check again. Here are six butt-firming exercises you can do within the comfort of your home to achieve your desired derriere.

1. Squats
All you need is an invisible chair!


a. Stand with your feet apart, in line with your shoulders.
b. Squat down as if sitting on the invisible chair, ensuring your knees remain in the same line as your ankles.
c. Push your buttocks back and dip down with your back straight and arms held out.
d. Hold the position for four seconds and stand up again.

Tip: For a higher difficulty level, couple this with squat pulses—when sitting, make tiny up and down movements to really get those muscles stretching.

2. Plié
There’s a reason ballerinas have toned backsides. The plié is a standard ballet step that you can replicate at home.


a. Stand with your feet apart, wider than the hips and point your toes outward.
b. Dip down for squats with your hands held out in front of you, hold the position for four seconds and return to standing position.

Tip: To relax, you can try calf raises in between your routine. Hold the plié position, but instead of dipping, lift your heels and drop them. Begin first with single heels and then move on to both together.

3. Hip lifts

hip lifts

a. Lie on your back on an exercise mat to cushion your spine.
b. Tuck your palms face down under your lower back, bend your knees and plant your feet fully on the floor.
c. Slowly lift your hips on one count and thrust them towards the ceiling on the second count.
d. Similarly, bring the hip back down in two counts, but remember not to drop the hips completely on the floor.

4. Lunges
You’ve definitely done this one before without even realising it. It’s like lunging forward to grab the perfect pair of shoes during a sale!


a. Take a big step forward with one leg.
b. Bend both the knees such that the front thigh is parallel to the floor. The back knee should be close the floor, but not touching it.
c. Keep your hands on your waist as you repeat this exercise on the other leg.

5. The Dog Walk
You need to be on all fours for this one.


a. Create an inverted ‘V’ with your body, as your place your palms and feet on the floor.
b. Walk back with your palms until you can touch your toes.
c. Then, walk ahead and get back into the first position.

Throughout this exercise, try to keep your heel fully on the floor.

6. Kicks
This is a simple one.


a. Stand with your feet a little spaced and your hands on your hips.
b. Raise one leg and kick it back, taking it high enough to be in line with your hips.
c. Repeat with the other leg. You can spruce it up with front kicks and side kicks.

Tip: Start off with eight to 12 counts for each of these exercises, but you can increase this as you go along. Remember, patience is key here! The results may take a while to reflect, ‘butt’ you know it’ll be worth it!

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