Café Melange Review: Far From the Taste of Australia

I was under the impression that I was heading for some seafood as I didn’t expect Kangaroo to be served. Well, I was disappointed as I stepped into one of the newly launched cafés in Andheri. Café Melange spreads a word that it serves Australian cuisine, but I’d rather say that it just draws inspiration from Australia’s food culture. To top it all up, Café Melange caters to eggetarians. My dear carnivores do not be disappointed.

To begin with, we’d ordered a Latte and a Café Mocha with Chocolate and Coffee. The coffee delivered a sweet taste. Sadly, I got my Latte with a disfigured heart when the sole reason for the order was the heart. Secondly, the sugar was left unstirred at the bottom of the glass as we were given a table spoon instead of a teaspoon or a stirrer.

Café Melange boasts of baking its own bread. So next sited on our table was Melange’s Bread Basket, which comprised Soft Rolls that tasted good with the Chives and Lime Butter, Brown Bread that was more like a toast as it is supposed to be accompanied with the butter, and lastly, the Masala Focaccia that turned to be the best because of the masala that had elevated to the top of the bread and didn’t really demand butter as it was moist and cooked in oil. This is a kind of café that doesn’t provide side plates as I guess they don’t care if we dribble some oil or create a layer of crumbs on the table.

Starters mostly include fritters, bruschetta, crostini and nachos. The Smoked Eggplant Fritters topped with chilli jam sauce was a treat to our palates. The fritters were crisp and no oil dripping at all. The best so far! Even though I’m not a fan of mushrooms, the Creamy Mushroom Crostini, served with peas and coriander chutney was as creamy as expected to be and was infused with garlic and coriander.

Still grooving in my chair and tapping my feet to pop music, we chose a Shepherd’s Pie and a Turkish Pide from a range of pies, burgers, paninis pastas and risottos. Shepherd’s Pie has a complete change of ingredients! It was actually a Rajma Pie served with French fries and lettuce salad to be mixed with chilli mayo and Kasundi (the best mustard sauce available in the county). A five on five for the presentation, but the taste let us down. There was something amiss in the rajma and delivered a slightly burnt taste. What came next was nothing better. The Turkish Pide was a flat bread with spiced potato fillings. The filling looked a lot like the fillings of a Punjabi samosa, but the taste differed, big time. It obviously didn’t taste good.

Till now, I was so disappointed, that I was craving for a sweet to cheer me up. I looked up the Desserts section and discovered that Café Melange served Baked Blueberry Cheese Cake. At this point, I had so many questions passing my mind that I was afraid of being let down by my own choice of dessert. BUT, the last was simply the best. The Blueberry Cheese Cake turned out to be heavenly and just carried us out of the world for that moment with the strong and balanced flavours of cheese and blueberry.

Café Melange is a recommended place for vegetarians/ eggetarians who wish to try out simple Indian cuisines in a different style. Considering that a café is a place where someone likes to relax and let loose, service is slow and easy with a minimum of 10-15 minutes to get to your table. Desserts are worth ordering, whether you have space or not. Prices overall are reasonable.

Address: Cafe Melange, Shop No.3, Situated on the ground floor of Royal Classic Co.op. Housing Society Ltd., New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai

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