Cafe Zoe: The Latest Cafe To Launch in SoBo

 Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel, Mathurdas Mills, Mumbai Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel, Mathurdas Mills, Mumbai

Cafe Zoe is the new cafe in Lower Parel’s Mathurdas Mills which is a blend of European and Industrial decor.

Set in the renovated brick walls, high ceilings and big glass windows of the mills, this cafe shines in sunlight streaming in from its large windows which makes for a lazy ambience to lounge in all day. Equipped with a bookshelf and free wi-fi, this cafe is perfect to take a day off by yourself or a place to have a business meeting over a drink or two.

The food is especially designed to be simple European cuisine, sans the Indianised essences available in our country. The food will focus on the individual ingredients and the mild flavours and qualities they possess.

Cafe Zoe aims to be everyone’s favourite hang out spot with simplicity and functionality being their motto.

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