Cagla Suede Wedges Multicolour Sold Out

Cagla Suede Wedges Multicolour

Price: Rs. 2600
Cagla suede wedges MulticolourA night out; a part to attend or a day at the park; this pair truly representsthe flexibility of fashion.When it comes to cleaning suede footwear; the adage an ounce of prevention isworth a pound of cure definitely applies. Treating your suede shoes with aprotective spray or finish will help to repel water and prevent stains. Aswith any fabric; test a small; unseen patch first. Store suede items so thatthey can breathe. Avoid plastic bags; opt for cotton flannel shoe bagsinstead. Keep away from light; which will fade the color; and damp conditions;which can encourage growth of damaging mold and mildew. If suede shoes getwet; soak up excess moisture with a clean towel. Then allow the suede to drynaturally; do not use a hair dryer to speed up the process. After the itemdries; restore the nap the raised fibers typical of suede with a suedebrush. Use a nail file or suede brush to remove dry mud and scuff marks.Remove oil stains by rubbing talcum powder directly on the spot. After severalhours; brush off the powder. Repeat if necessary. Keep in mind that majorstains will probably require professional care; inexperienced dry cleaners orcobblers can cause more harm than good. SuedeHeel Height 5.3; Shoe Height 7.5; Platform Height 1.3; Width 2.5 inches

Color Multi Colour
Occasion Casual, Evening
Material Suede
Look Stylish