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Does your T-shirt have a story? No? Then you cannot be part of the cool-bandwagon, says Captain KYSO. Yes, his T-shirts narrate stories that are intriguing, interesting and most definitely cool! Take Melancholia for example, it tells a tale of a vast forest that grew so fierce all of a sudden and it was all because of her, the Lady of the Woods.
Captain KYSO (or Captain Keep Your Shirt On), the online store for T-shirts is a world of apparel that speaks for itself. The website is designed in a simple and self-explanatory manner to help customers place their orders. Every day, one new and distinctive T-shirt is put up on their homepage and sold at a fairly low price for 24 hours. This later goes to their gallery that has previously put up T-shirts by international artists and designers that will not be as cheap but reasonable nonetheless. Next to each T-shirt is a hilarious and witty write-up about it and about the designer so you’re shopping experience is not limited to well, shopping. This interactive website keeps having contests for budding designers to showcase their designs that when won, can be printed and sold as a T-shirt. 
Captain KYSO delivers across the world and deliveries in India are completed within 5 working days of placing the order. 
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