10 Cartoon Characters We’re TOTALLY Crushing On

First Crush. These words probably remind you of that cute boy in your tuition class, school or in your building. Well, mine was Aladdin! Yes, that Disney cartoon character. Now come on ladies, admit it you’ve had your share of crushes on hunky cartoon princes before you even understood what ‘having a crush’ meant. We’ve compiled a list of 10 such hotties and cuties from the animated world.

1. The Beast (Beauty and The Beast)

Yes, yes we know he’s a beast. Not the suave prince we expect to sweep us off our feet. But his deep set eyes and a heart made of gold, we’re sold! Oh, and by the way he also looks simply raw and handsome when he turns into a prince. Keeper!

cartoon crushes - beast

cartoon crushes - Beast - Prince

2. Aladdin

Hair falling nonchalantly on the forehead, lean body, droll worthy brown eyes and that street rat charm, Disney created the perfect heartthrob. Ask, Jasmine and she will vouch for the romantic carpet ride and A Whole New World. Our men can’t compete with this one, unless they have their own, personal genie!

Captain Planet - Aladdin

3. Captain Planet

He’s a superhero and he saves the planet every time there’s a crisis, what’s not to like! His green hair, square jaw and toned body make us go pink in the face. Annnnd… you know he’ll be a great father to your half human-half superhuman babies. Downside: You can never litter!

cartoon crushes - Captain Planet

4. Popeye

Girls, time to confess. How many of you tried spinach cause of this guy? Popeye is the cutest sailor we know, and how he always protects the damsel in distress – Oilve Oyl. Awwww, we like him!

cartoon crushes - Popeye

5. Peter Pan

We hate it when our men have the Peter Pan syndrome (i.e. refusal to grow up?). But we love Peter himself. He takes us back to the land of fairies and gypsies with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

cartoon crushes - Peter Pan

6. Tintin

This is the kind of man we want to settle down with- intelligent, passionate, loves dogs, dresses great, honest and kind. Did we just see a content smile on your face?

cartoon character crushes

7. Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Oh.My.God. Did you see that cutie? If you bumped into him at a cafe or a bar, you’d totally have this conversation with your girlfriends. And why not, he’s a bad boy – with his stealing and conning and disguises. But, don’t we luuurve bad boys? Plus, he’s totally worth cutting your locks for, ask Rapunzel!

cartoon crushes - Tangled

8. Tarzan

Earthy, unkempt and strikingly handsome – Tarzan is probably the reason we love longhaired musicians. The combination of innocence and bravery gets us weak in the knees. We hope he’s listening and will sweep us off our feet while hanging on a tree vine.

cartoon crushes - Tarzan

9. Homer Simpson

He’s bald, fat, loves junk food and beer. But we adore him! His world revolves around Marge (and beer) and he is just right to get you over your control freakiness. Calm down and love Homer. D’oh!

cartoon crushes - homer

10. Mufasa

He isn’t a man (he’s a lion, duh!) But he’s the manliest male character we know. Remember crying buckets in the movie when he died and then falling for Simba when he grew up just to be like him? Rawwrrr, me need a lion!

cartoon crushes -Simba

We’re sure you have a few more characters to add to the list. Go on, share your crushes with a fellow girlfriend.

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