10 Adorable Ideas for Cartoon Nails

If you’re a 90s girl, you’ve probably grown up watching Cartoon Network and the occasional episodes of Simpsons. And now that cartoon and superhero prints are in, we can’t help but get nostalgic. While you may adore these styles on your apparel and accessories, InOnIt shows you how to get them on your nails.

Check out ten adorable ideas to get cartoon nails like Katy Perry.

Katy Perry - Cartoon Nails

Animated Nails

Make your nails look like they’ve been animated and drawn, with these cool pastel colours. Get a black outline with a white cartoon shine, and you have fun looking nails!

Animated Nails Desings

Nail Decals

The easiest ways to get cute cartoon nails is by getting decals and applying it on your solid nail paint. You may even get a marker pen, draw a simple figure and apply a coat of transparent paint.

Nail Decals - Cartoon Nails


Remember hours of digging into the superhero comic books as kids, well you may put that to good use with these blast print nails. Invest in a quality nail marker and you will not regret spending your hard cash!

Boom Blast Nail Designs

Pooh Nails

‘Awww’ that’s what we think when we look at Pooh and Piglet. This nail art is relatively easy to do as you  need a paint brush and black nail paint along with Winne The Pooh colours. Try it, and let your friends go – awww!

Pooh Nails Designs


This is probably the most easiest cartoon nail art we’ve seen. It is minimal, pretty and conveys the message. Get a thin brush and try these designs.

Simpsons Nail Desing

Boo and the Monsters

Okay, so we must say that this style looks a bit tough to do on the nails. But hey, monsters have always been scary right! You may need an hour to paint these along with nail markers and brushes. We assure you, it will be worth it.

Boo and Monsters Cartoon Nails Design


Trust us when we say that this looks tough but is very simple. Being a princess is every little girl’s dream. Just get a thin brush and start working, your daughter and niece is sure to love it.

Princess Cartoon Nails Design

Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom won our hearts and saved the day with their superpowers. Now, get sugar spice and everything nice on your nails with this style.

Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Nails Design


How we wish we had minions to do all our work. Well, since our hands are the minions, why not make them look like one. Different sized brushes would do the trick for this one.

Minions Cartoon Nails Design

Warner Bros.

The oldest to the youngest, everyone has loved Warner Bros. cartoons of Bugs Bunny and Tweety. Get these nails done by a professional and walk around looking goofy yet trendy.

Warner Bros. Cartoon Nails Design

Which one will you try? Let us know, tweet us @get_inonit and @stereowrite.

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