The Week That Was: 9th to 15th Feb

Cupid has left the building, stop the sap everyone!  It’s time to get back to our routines. We will have to wait another year before the marketing mavericks world over can shove more mush down our throats. Otherwise Cadbury will come to the rescue by Diwali, promise! Until then, Kuch meetha ho jaye with The Week That Was.

Yuvraj Singh to play for RCB

After battling cancer and obesity, Yuvi will now have to ward off the tax-man. He’s IPL 2014’s costliest player at a whopping 14 crore, this was definitely a morbid price tag for a 6 week party.  With his new team mates also being his main accomplices in frolic and fun, Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli won’t mind if he picks up the tab. Watch out for that hangover though, we don’t want to rename the team Royally Challenged Bangalore.

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Arvind Kejriwal resigns

If Shakespeare was alive today, by God he’d be ashamed. Dramatic acumen has reached new heights in our country. The Delhi chief minister, er..should we say ex-Delhi chief minister, threw in the towel and a few tantrums to go with his resignation.  His Jan Lokpal bill was blocked from being tabled in the Assembly and what ensued apart from the theatrics was a mass circus on all media platforms. Here’s hoping that the Aam Aadmi Party gets back on track before the Alphonsos come in season.


Anushka Sharma’s lips

The much talked about “temporary lip enhancing tool” that’s given Anuskha Sharma more limelight than her suspected off screen romance with Virat Kohli makes us wonder how much she’s paying her PR team. They’re doing an amazing job, if only they could sell her movies a little bit better.  What seems like a fresh-out-of-the-operating-theatre upper lip or a botched up surgery is yet to be seen, only time will tell…Sorry, heal.


Charlie Sheen gets engaged

Just when Valentine’s Day gagged the living fluff out of you, the one man army of sleaze, Charlie Sheen decides to pop the question. Brett Rossi, the lucky or ludicrous lass, and also his girlfriend of only a few months is the bride to be. They took to Twitter, sharing the news with all of us bewildered and baffled folk. The nuptial dates aren’t decided yet, but if he says it’s a white wedding, even Pablo Escobar might show up from the grave.


Indian flag back at Sochi

Finally some pride has been restored. Apart from the fact that we have only 3 athletes participating at the now, infamously homophobic Winter Olympics, our country was suspended by the IOC till the ban was finally revoked. The trio were competing under the independent IOC banner at Sochi 2014, until the tricolours were unfurled. Even though we might not win a medal, ever, like seriously, EVER, it still gives us some joy that we, as a nation are competing again. Ok it doesn’t matter, nobody cares. What’s for lunch again?


That’s a wrap! See you next week for more hilarity from our beautiful world.

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