Celeb Style Weekly: Deepika, Sonam And Kangana Top Our List

Bollywood seems to have become more fashion conscious as this week we have more ladies on our chic radar. Who dressed to kill? Who seemed like an odd (wo)man out? Read more to find out which ladies were hitting the right note in tinsel town as we bring a round up of celeb style this week.

1) Sonam Kapoor

Celeb style

It’s not every day that Sonam makes an appearance, but when she does she is bound to hit the best dressed list. Sonam wore an ILK dress in the aqua color palette to the Mid-Day bash. Sheer printed shirt, mid-rise skirt and an embellished jacket with prada clutch and shoes- Sonam’s wardrobe is every girl’s dream.

2) Deepika Padukone

celeb style
Another chic heroine, Deepika attended the Mid-Day bash in a polka dress. The Ashish Soni dress looked like it was from the 60s closet, and retro surely suits Deepika well.

3) Kangana Ranaut

We are falling in love with Kangana’s style. Every week she is spotted in so many places looking as gorgeous as ever. We love the high bun on her, as she stepped up the style in a white sheath dress and later a peplum dress. And then again, she looked absolutely mesmerising in a Topshop skater dress at the Mid-day bash. So retro-chic.

4) Lisa Haydon

celeb style
We love this girl, someone please…please ask her to stop visiting our worst dressed list. Why Lisa, why? Don’t wear all-black, don’t try to look slimmer when you absolutely don’t need to. And those unflattering shoes! We’d suggest hire a personal shopper and go indulge in some much needed retail therapy.

5) Malaika Arora Khan

celeb style
She seems like the female version of evergreen Dev Anand. Malaika will never become fat, she can look exactly the same for decades and we don’t know how. She will always be dressed awesome with steal-worthy accessories. Factual evidence.

6) Alia Bhatt

celeb style
And while B-town was glittering with evening dressing and shimmery accessories, Alia Bhatt looked feisty flair in a white kurti and Patiala bottoms during a Highway promotional event. Nude make up, casual blow dried hair- she looks gorgeous as the high school diva as well as the simple freedom loving girl.

7) Nargis Fakhri

Celeb style
Nargis is hot, period. Whatever she wears she looks good in it. Even better when she dresses up in a black crop top and white short skirt. India’s got talent, and the art of fashion is surely one of the many talents India got.

8) Ileana D’cruze

celeb style
Along with Nargis, we had Ileana on the sets of India’s Got Talent and she looked perfect. Last week we loved Ileana’s Dior gown and this week she turned up in a gorgeous knee length dress. This girl is a fashionista and we are expecting her to do a lot more show stopping this year.

9) Tanisha Mukherjee

celeb style
Dear Tanisha, if you are still stuck in the Bigg Boss days and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, let us give you the news- you are free to shop! Tear or burn that pink gown, it’s hurting our eyes. And that pearl necklace seems to be a sad replacement of Armaan Kohli- tied too tightly around your neck?

10) Sophie Chowdhary

celeb style
Sophie is an elegant girl, always looking curvy and womanly. She turned in at the Harsh Harsh store launch wearing a monochrome flora print dress. Perfect tint on her lips, hair updo, and those chiselled collar bones it’s difficult to take your eyes off her.

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