Celeb Style Weekly: Ever Seen A Lanvin Trash Bag?

As another week comes to a close, we’re back to get you your weekly dose of celeb fashion. Was it any better this week, we know you’re itching to ask us. Well, the answer is a big, resounding NO! The fashion tables were turned, it seems. How else would you explain Vidya, Rani and Sridevi trumping Neha, Alia and Sonali in the style stakes? Can’t believe what you’re reading? Go further down to know more.

1. Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt

Everyone’s favourite duffer waltzed back into the city after a break in London wearing what can only be described as a fashion catastrophe. While the pieces were great, what could’ve looked casual chic on a Lisa Haydon ended up looking way-below-average on Alia due to her being vertically challenged. Those boots, especially, made the already petite actress look even shorter. Girl, embrace your ‘short’comings and dress to suit your body type!

2. Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut

Oh my god, we’re speechless! Kangana looked drop-dead gorgeous in this Dior Fall 2014 ensemble, We love the addition of that black-and-white clutch, that understated makeup, those nude pumps—heck, we love everything about this look.

3. Hrithik Roshan & Katrina Kaif

hrithik roshan katrina kaif

The Bang Bang! co-stars coordinated their outfits, but we can’t say both looked good in them. Hrithik was hot as always, but what’s going on with Kat’s ripped jeans? We guess even the actress realised the very prominent ‘wet patch’ on her crotch area, which she scrambled to hide in the second picture! :P You can do better, Katrina!

4. Sridevi


Aha! We’re loving how effortlessly stylish Sri is looking here as she attended a movie screening wearing a leafy blouse, jeans and a moss green Hermès Lindy bag. Adding those cat-eye glasses and subtracting all that goop was a great idea—Sridevi looks years younger than her age!

5. Neha Dhupia 

neha dhupia

It seems Ms Dhupia is struggling to keep up with her fashionista tag lately, and these two recent looks have left us really confused. That beautiful red emroidered Royal Nilgiri jacket absolutely does not go with the tank and distressed jeans (which themselves look like rejects from Avril Lavigne’s wardrobe), and not even Neha’s usual spunk can save it. And while the look on the right started off well (we’re lusting after that Urvashi Joneja skirt), adding the bralet makes it looks like she left the house in her sports bra. No, Neha, no!

6. Sonali Bendre

sonali bendre

We’ll never know what made this gorgeous woman pick such an unflattering Namrata Joshipura dress, which makes her look like a Middle Eastern lady in an abaya without a headscarf. As-salām ‘alaykum, Sonali!

7. Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan

What ya, Mr Bachchan, with all those crores you made on Kaun Banega Crorepati, you couldn’t spend a few hundreds (or thousands, if you went to your designer) to get those ill-fitting pants fixed? We’ve already shared the number of our neighbourhood darzi with Sridevi; seems like you need it, too!

8. Rani Mukerji & Vidya Balan

rani mukerji vidya balan

Oh, how the tides have changed! We’re delighted to report that both Mrs Chopra and Mrs Kapur have upped their style quotient, and how! Rani looks stunning in this peacock-blue silk saree as does Vidya in her red-and-yellow Vaishali S one. The red bindis worn by both women complete their classy looks.

And the turkeys of the week go to…

9. Soha Ali Khan

soha ali khan

Garish, thy name is Soha! Those fuchsia sharara pants (which weren’t that great to begin with) needed a shorter top in a simple style to balance all that colour and flare. Alas, what we got instead was this ghastly chikan-embroidered top. Not happening, Soha!

10. Anu Dewan

anu dewan

It seems like Anu only appears on Celeb Style Weekly in the turkey section. Clearly, she hasn’t learned from her past mistakes and is back with another shiny Lanvin disaster. Our bin liners would give you the same effect, Anu—use that money to hire a stylist, instead!

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Images: Viral Bhayani



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