Celeb Style Weekly: Neha Takes A Fashion Fall

Lots of parties, award ceremonies, film festivals, product launches, movie promotions… our celebs didn’t have a second to breathe this week—and nor did we. In our relentless quest to bring you a round-up of the most noteworthy looks of the week, we searched high and low, worked day and night and finally narrowed down the ones in this edition of Celeb Style Weekly.

Warning: Hold your jaws for the turkeys of the week section—we don’t want them to come crashing down.

1. Anushka Sharma

anushka sharma

We’re so green Ms Sharma made it to the front row of Burberry Spring 2015 at the London Fashion Week—and wearing this gorgeous creation at that. The scarf-inspired dress fell particularly flatteringly on the young actress and the dewy makeup only enhanced its beauty. Now, if only she would change those shoes up (they’re lovely, BTW; just not suitable with this dress), this would’ve been head-to-toe perfection!

2. Monochrome & Boots: Kangana Ranaut & Anusha Dandekar

kangana ranaut anusha dandekar

Monochrome and boots is the trend du jour, it seems, with both Kangana and Anusha donning it recently. We love the fact that these ladies take risks and make each look their own. Kangana looked sensational in her Gucci dress and shoes, and Anusha’s edgy ensemble was perfectly topped off with those boots. Ladies, keep up the good work—we’ve got our eyes on you!

3. Good, Better, Best: Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri

priyanka chopra, katrina kaif, nargis fakhri

Promoting a movie, song and product respectively, we saw these three actresses in statement dresses and simple pumps/sandals. Piggy Chops has been having a good run lately, which made us really expect great things from her. Not that this Blumarine look was bad, but the lacklustre hair and makeup made it an 8/10.

We saw Katrina in the spotlight after a while, but it seems like the time away (with Ranbir?) has done the lady some good. This printed fit and flare dress by DvF fit her like a glove, but the thing we’re really envious of is that golden-brown tan. Take us to Ibiza next time, Kat—we promise to keep the paparazzi away from you and RK.

What can we say about Nargis here? She looked sexy and classy in this silver Neelu Oberoi dress, which is made with real one-rupee coins! The sandals, hair, jewellery, makeup (and pout) all contributed to making this look a resounding hit!

4. Ranveer Singh

ranveer singh

Now, on any other actor this would’ve been a straight ticket to the turkey section, but Ranveer managed to save himself. The printed adidas tee and jacket may have been eclipsed by the gold Nike trainers, gold chain, blue-rimmed glasses and funky hair, but we think the actor looked mighty rockstar here. Don’t think so? Watch this video below and tell us he’s not cool. Yes, Deepika, we get his charm!

5. Getting Casual: Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra

bipasha basu, sonam kapoor, parineeti chopra

Thank god for small mercies—Bips has finally learned to do casual well. The denim jacket provides the perfect foil to the colourful Pia Pauro dress and we’re really thankful she chose to look beyond the Ameesha-esque short and tight dresses/skirts.

And oh look, what do we have here? We get that you like to experiment, Sonam, and most times it works, but this round of Khoobsurat promotions has really seen you (much) below your game. The white top and zigzag print jacket look great with those chic pair of cat-eye glasses, but those dated boyfriend jeans are taking an otherwise cool look several degrees down. Learn from the experts, Sonam!

Um, what are we to do with you, Parineeti? I suppose we should be glad we weren’t subjected to another tacky, ill-fitted outfit, but it’s time to outgrow the 17-year-old-going-to-Disneyland look, too.

6. Sridevi


Nice work, Sri! In one of the few good outfits we saw at this year’s South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA), Sridevi attended the event which also saw the who’s who of tackville (see the turkey of the week below). The nude Sabyasachi sari was elegant and we liked that she kept her hair pulled back, but the red, green and gold jewellery was something we couldn’t get on board with. Then again, seeing the other attendees, Sri seemed to be the epitome of class.

7. Doing Indianwear Well: Sophie Choudry, Kiran Rao & Soha Ali Khan

sophie choudhry, kiran rao, soha ali khan

We like the individualistic styles these three ladies have, and their traditional appearances did complete justice to them. Sophie’s Sana Safinaz outfit was gorgeous as was Kiran’s Raw Mango saree and Soha’s distinctive Nehru jacket. Teach something to the SIIMA women, girls (see the turkey of the week below).

8. Neha Dhupia

neha dhupia

It’s very rare to see Neha fall, but alas we lived to see the day. Nothing about this look worked—not the silk, full-skirted Gauri & Nainika dress, neither the dishevelled hair, nor the pink lips and Jimmy Choo pumps. This one’s a #totalfail, Neha!

9. And the turkeys of the week go to…

By now you know that the looks in this section are by no means pretty, but these women have taken it to a whole new level. We present to you the mayors of tackville—the SIIMA ladies!

siima 1

We’re pretty sure the first two dresses were created from leftover sofa cover and curtain material respectively and can be reused on them once the awards are over. And what can we say about the black, dominatrix-style outfit that looks like it’s made from cheap satin? We’re sticking to the rule: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Lastly, that royal blue velvet blouse coupled with the Bollywood thumka pose makes us wonder which item girl this lady is channelling—wannabe Rakhi Sawant alert!

siima 2

A ‘lehenga jacket’ over a lehenga—who comes up with these design inspirations? Neon might be ‘in’, but not even that can save this candied disaster. And, lady, are you seriously wearing those ill-fitting blue palazzos and red top to a red carpet event? Are you sure you didn’t stumble here on your way to the supermarket (though even that is no justification for this outfit)? Ekta Kapoor finally has a contender.

Hell’s bells, what do we have going on here? My eyes are spinning wildly, trying to figure out the jumble that is this all-metallic outfit and head piece. Lastly, lady in the dangerously low dress—you might have a banging body, but this outfit (which covers less skin than my towel, BTW) is more suitable on the streets of Amsterdam than an awards function.

siima 3

My cocker spaniel has far less hair than this lady’s black disaster, which makes me think how many dogs were shaved to create the train of this dress. And red hot this woman is not, with her tacky bra (and boob) show which will definitely make for some uncomfortable stares from the uncles at the ceremony.

Purple lady wouldn’t have fared so bad if you didn’t look closely—but we did and lived to regret the day. Hasn’t anybody told you that camera flashes are brutal and you should guard your modesty against them? Lastly, leather?? Seriously?? We really hope she doesn’t suffer a fate similar to Ross when he thought he was cool enough to carry off leather pants.

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Images: Viral Bhayani

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