Celeb Style Weekly: Has Parineeti Redeemed Herself?

Last week, we brought to you a barrage of turkeys from our dear ol’ celebs. But wonder of wonders, the tides seem to have turned this week. Blame it on movie promotions or Ganesh celebrations, but our stars were seen out and about in their element. Did any of the usual suspects (you know who they are by now) raise their style stakes, though? Yes! Read on to know who.

1. Deepika Padukone

deepika padukoneDeepika Padukone at Finding Fanny promotions

The leggy lass’ new film, Finding Fanny, releases soon, which means we saw A LOT of her last week. Not that we’re complaining! Though Deepika looked stunning in most of her appearances, we’re loving how she went from glam formal to easy-breezy casual here. The & Other Stories black outfit with red lips and animal-print Ralph Lauren pumps was a nice contrast to the tee and jeans worn with a blush-pink Frou Frou jacket and snakeskin Dolce & Gabbanas. Well done, pretty lady!

2. Parineeti Chopra

parineeti chopraParineeti Chopra at a promotion for Daawat-e-Ishq

Has Parineeti made us eat our words, or what! Ms Chopra looks smokin’ here, in the black leather skirt worn with a simple white vest and those metallic ankle-strap sandals. Finally a figure-flattering silhouette from this lovely actress. Let’s pray this good run lasts awhile and is not just a passing mistake, though.

3. Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopraPriyanka Chopra at a Mary Kom promotional event in New Delhi

If Parineeti looked so good, could cousin Priyanka be far behind? This Anita Dongre (yes, she does manage to create some wearable designs) maxi looked elegant on PC and the delicate bracelet and updo only added to its sophistication. If we were Ms Chopra, we’d give a bonus to our stylist—she’s certainly helped her come a long way from those body-hugging, ultra-short dresses (are you listening, Queenie, Ameesha, Bipasha?)

4. Bipasha Basu

bipasha basuBipasha Basu on the sets of India’s Raw Star & at Creature promotions

Speaking of Ms Basu, do you think her tack quotient has reduced considerably? We’d certainly say so! Although she still managed to stick to the tight and short memo, this colourful Pia Pauro dress was one of the better ones we’ve seen her in recently. Sometimes simple is best and there’s no better proof of this saying than Bips’ other look. Give yourself a treat, Bipasha, as you’ve managed to sidestep the turkey tag this week!

5. Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoorSonam Kapoor on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa

Wow, Sonam looks gorgeous in this fuchsia Anita Dongre outfit! But wait, is this what she wore to the sets of a TV show to promote a Disney movie, Khoobsurat?! If this was a glitzy wedding or a stint for Umrao Jaan, we’d be going gaga over this look, but as it is Sonam looks as overdressed as a Delhi girl at a Bangalore wedding reception.

6. Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinhaSonakshi Sinha at PVR cinema

This week, we’ve seen fellow fashion offenders Parineeti and Bipasha redeem themselves—but did Sonakshi follow suit? No way! We get casual is cool, but this blue overload is not doing this girl any favours. We know you want to ‘Live Free’, Sona, but we’d appreciate if you’d live free without that horrendous polka-dot cap.

7. Sonali Bendre

sonali bendreSonali Bendre at a Ganesh mandal

From one Sona to another, but to remarkably different outcomes. Sonali was spotted at a Ganesh mandal in this be-yoo-ti-ful red and blue paithani saree and traditional gold jewellery. We think we’re in love!

8. Varun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor

varun dhawan shraddha kapoorVarun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor at a Finding Fanny screening

These two young stars wore similar outfits (and poses) to the Finding Fanny screening—which makes us wonder if this kind of posing is something they teach at film school these days. Back to the fashion, however: who pulls off the hat, sneakers and sporty outfit better? Pose notwithstanding, Shraddha manages to retain a semblance of coolness, but we can’t say the same for poor Varun. Are you getting the trying-too-hard vibe from him, too?

And the turkey of the week goes to…

9. Sheeba

SheebaSheeba at a bash for Simply Baatein

Remember this yesteryear actress who came in movies such as Miss 420 and Suryavanshi? No? Well, we don’t blame you. If her roles were as forgettable as this outfit, it’s no wonder she isn’t better known. We don’t even want to know which designer will take responsibility for this draped green monstrosity with one net sleeve. Besides the fact that it’s really ugly, the dress is also extremely unflattering for this lady’s body type. Burn it when you get home, Sheebs!

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Images: Viral Bhayani

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