Celeb Style Weekly: Sonakshi Does It Again

Welcome back to an all-new edition of Celeb Style Weekly. This week was no different than any other. Serial offenders Parineeti, Sonakshi and Rani continued to have us cover our eyes and groan; Esha Gupta continued to look effortlessly gorgeous; Sonam continued to befuddle us with some rather strange choices; and our turkey bucket continued to brim over. So, without much ado, we present to you this week in the life of our celebs.

1. Esha Gupta

esha guptaEsha Gupta in Mumbai

Let’s start with the good ones. Esha was spotted around town in this easy-breezy floral summer dress and orange, strappy flats. The look was finished off with messy hair and minimal makeup. How effortlessly cool does Ms Gupta look here? In a baggy dress that might have made anyone else look dismally out of proportion, Esha manages to shine. Two thumbs up!

2. Malaika Arora Khan 

malaika arora khanMalaika Arora Khan at Bespoke Vintage launch

We’re loving this olive green number that sits perfectly on Malaika’s svelte figure. With her hair worn back and nudish coral lips, Mrs Khan is truly letting the gown do all the talking. And it’s working—well, almost. That godawful grey zippered clutch, which we’re sure she spent a small fortune on, needs to be retired. Now.

3. Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopraPriyanka Chopra on the sets of India’s Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj

Ooh la la! *whistle, whistle* We’ve never seen Piggy Chops look as good as she did in this Alice + Olivia purple jacquard dress with those pointy-toed shoes and edgy jewellery by Suhani Pittie and Eina Ahluwalia. The trishul-shaped earrings are just what this cutesy dress needed to give it an edge and Priyanka’s side-swept soft curls only highlighted them perfectly. #fangirling

4. Kiran Rao & Aamir Khan

aamir khan kiran raoKiran Rao & Aamir Khan at the screening of Mardaani

It’s a mystery to us how Kiran manages to dress so well, yet her husband looks so sloppy and unkempt. Kiran’s yellow Shivan & Narresh jacket looked fabulous with those checked dhoti pants and her trademark hair. Now, Aamir, on the other hand… the lesser said the better. Brings back memories of this turkey look!

5. Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoorSonam Kapoor at Khoobsurat promotions & on the Captain Tiao sets

We know prints are in, Sonam, but this Isabel Marant suit is really not the way to go about getting the cool printed look. Thank god you decided to take a break from it and go simple in your other appearance, which was actually pretty cute BTW. PS: Totally digging those shades!

6. Parineeti Chopra

parineeti chopraParineeti Chopra on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa

Another case of blindly following trends, this crop top and skirt look could easily be Parineeti’s worst. Okay, second worst (remember this turkey?) The floral Nishka Lulla outfit was completely unflattering for her body type and those ugly shoes (so what if they’re Jimmy Choo?) made the whole thing much worse. We’ve given up on this one! *shakes head*

7. Abhay Deol

abhay deolAbhay Deol at a panel discussion on the Juvenile Justice Bill

How hot does Abhay look in this grey and black jeans, vests and boots look! We’re totally swooning over his rugged charm. Preeti Desai is one lucky woman!

And the turkeys of the week go to…

Why have one when you can have three? This week, we were spoilt for choice between Rani, Sonakshi and Suzanne.

8. Rani Mukerji

rani mukerjiRani Mukerji at a screening of Mardaani

We know you’re coming in a movie where you play a hard-assed cop, Rani, but that still doesn’t excuse your appearances in these manly outfits. As if this wasn’t enough, we were treated to yet another sighting of ill-fitted pants worn with an unflattering top and unfortunate hair and makeup.

9. Suzanne Khan 

suzanne khanSuzanne Khan at Bespoke Vintage launch

What happened to you, Suzanne? Where are all those girly blouses and sexy shoes? This appearance has left us completely confounded. We don’t know where to begin—the dowdy jeans and top combo, those ugly sandals and bag, or that baaaad hair. Someone, please get this lady her stylist back.

10. Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinhaSonakshi Sinha at a Swatch event

Ta da da da *blows trumpet* The star of this story has arrived. Are those leg crutches I see? Oh no, they’re thigh-high sandals that are custom-made by Ferma H (yes, she got them made especially) for her. Which makes us ponder: why would you especially commission shoes (and pay a bomb for them) that make your already porky legs look even more gargantuan? And what’s with all the patchy makeup? Looks like Sona sleepwalked her way to this event!

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Images: Viral Bhayani

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