Airport Fashion Decoded: 7 Celeb Travel Looks We’re Digging

With large glares to the rescue and mufflers for cover, our Bollywood stars try their best to hide from the shutterbugs. Who’s tired? Not our stalwarts who seem to breeze through the lobbies of airports across the world, sometimes making us wonder if the long-haul flight was a 20-minute drive! Call it another name for fashion; travelling is the other side of the glitz and glamour world. And our film stars never fail to impress us, even while travelling. So buckle up your seat belts and read through our list of seven airport looks from our lovable Bollywood beauties that we are completely digging.

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Anushka Sharma
Her Style: Casual chic

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: Pretty and chic in the black faux leather jacket paired with plain skinny jeans, Anushka doesn’t stop there. Look further down—we’re digging the furry-pink number on her feet. And, how can we miss out on that uber-cool green-and-black crossbody bag? Now that’s what we call ‘Travelling Light, Travelling in Style’.

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Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan
Their Style: Simple and comfortable

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: Our macho hunk sports his arm tattoo like a boss. Wearing a tight-fitting ribbed blue tee and grey track pants with sneakers, what’s not to love! Kareena flaunts her appeal with a heart (read: Saif) on her tee, and sports lovely grey leggings and those bear-paw boots with such charm. We love the no fuss, no over-the-top, casual and comfortable dressing sense of this hot couple.

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Katrina Kaif
Her Style: Comfortable, minimalist and glamorous

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: Katrina likes it bold and black in her airport style. The actress looks powerful yet benign in her knee-length boots, a pair of black jeans, and the sexy V-neck tee. The stole sits pretty on her slender neck, too; not needed for the Mumbai weather, though! We are totally digging her power airport dressing which makes a strong point, yet manages to show off the elegance she’s known for.

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Deepika Padukone
Her Style: Versatile and graceful

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: We fell in love instantly with Deepika’s sexy grey tee and the large buttoned white overcoat. Our eyes caught the stone-grey jeans she has on, the glares and the handbag hidden from view. Comfortable clothing makes the airport ramps drool, while the long-legged beauty struts her way through.

Madhuri Dixit
Her Style: Flower power meets girl power

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: The elegant ‘dhak-dhak girl’ of yesteryears spreads her magical energy with the power of flowers. Leggings in black are a safe bet, and more so when teemed with colourful floral prints. What we also love on her are the strappy-peppy, simple-yet-elegant sandals.

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Jacqueline Fernandez
Her Style: Peppy, sexy,  yet very minimal

Top 7 Airport Fashion Looks of Bollywood Beaus

Why We Love It: We love the embellished embroidery top and the way the star carries it all with those boots, a green bag and hot tight leather pants. Sporting a comfortable sense of fashion, Jacqueline wears airport fashion on her sleeves!

Ready to take off, are we? Don’t say we didn’t warn you of the mid-air turbulence. Blame it on the hotness factor served while being on board.

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