Celebrate The Oriental Hue at Kaleidoscope 2011, Sophia College

The college fest season fun continues! Sophia College’s Kaleidoscope is just around the corner and the theme is “The Oriental Hue” (no, no, it’s not political, and it’s not at all related to Anna Hazare). After a brief conversation with the festival team, I got to know that it was purely related to culture. India, and all other nations from the orient have always been a cultural hub of ideas and activities, and they also share a common trait in their binding with nature. So, inspired by the simplicity and love for nature, Kaleidoscope 2011 at Sophia College has chosen their theme to be The Oriental Hue to give importance to Mother Earth. With the aim of bringing out the cultures of all these nations, the Kscope team wishes to make this fest as kaleidoscopic as it can get.

It may not be Dumbledore’s Army, but Kscope has its very own “Workforce”, (the organizing team it is). These teams look after creatives, events, public relations and other activities. They set the theme, get sponsors, get judges, and most importantly, they coordinate with all participating colleges. And to feed all the ever-hungry participants and visitors, they get the best food stalls on campus.

The question that’s playing on your mind would be, “What can I do at Kscope?” Believe me, there’s a lot!

The main days (August 27 & 28, 2011) are packed with entertainment. The signature Mr. and Ms. Kaleidoscope event does not focus solely on looks, but also on contestants’ wit, intelligence, creativity and spontaneity. Dus ka Tees is another flagship event, which incorporates dance and drama based on a given theme, or story line. This year, the theme is Medley with an Oriental Twist. So watch the best college theatre and dance groups fight it out on stage. Electrocuted, a pure English band event makes sure you’re musically electrocuted — you can be sure to witness some serious talent here. After all, the winner gets a gig at Blue FROG. For the very first time, Kscope introduces Street Football. This is a 10 minute football match with less rules and more play, participants just can’t afford to lose. Is the adrenaline kicking in?

On you marks, get set, Kscope!

- Suezelle D’Costa

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