Hall of Shame: 11 Celebrities Caught Evading Taxes

As fashion designer pair Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce & Gabbana fame) are sentenced to 18 months in jail for that dreaded term—tax evasion—we bring you 11 other celebrities, both Indian and international, who have also run into trouble for it.

1. Priyanka Chopra & Katrina Kaif

Priyanka Chopra celebrities who have evaded taxes
In January 2011, the homes of these Bollywood bombshells were searched due to suspected tax evasion worth a few crores on advertisements, foreign assignments and guest appearances. While Priyanka (accused of evading taxes worth 6 crore) refused to speak on the subject, Katrina reportedly broke down upon seeing the officers in her home. There, there, Kat!

2. Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan celebrities who have evaded taxes
Big B received a notice from the Supreme Court in 2009 asking him to give details about his income and security expenses. We don’t know what happened to that one, but we sure as hell didn’t expect that from you, Sir!

3. Shah Rukh Khan

shah rukh khan celebrities who have evaded taxes
King Khan claimed that his villa on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai was gifted to him by Nakheel Public Joint Stock Company for promoting the firm. However, the company got back to the IT department saying that he was doing no such thing. Ah SRK, if you’ve gotta conceal your assets, at least make sure you’ve got all bases covered!

4. Salman Khan

salman khan celebrities who have evaded taxes
As if Bollywood’s enfant terrible doesn’t have enough controversies piled up against him, here’s one more to add to the list. In 2001, Salman was charged by the IT department with evading taxes worth a total of Rs 4 crore. Oh dear, he just can’t catch a break, can he?

5. Vivek Oberoi

vivek oberoi celebrities who have evaded taxes
Vivek and Salman finally agree to one thing, and that’s tax evasion. In September last year, the Saathiya star was accused of not paying service tax on the tune of 40 lakhs. Small change compared to the amounts owed by the others.

6. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart celebrities who have evaded taxes
Yes, everyone’s favourite chef has a dark past, too. Martha was forced to pay US$220,000 in back taxes by the State of New York for her East Hamptons mansion that she conveniently claimed she ‘hardly spent time in’. Guess that didn’t stop her from landing in a soup!

7. Nicholas Cage

nicholas cage celebrities who have evaded taxes
Nick proved that he was no more than a pretty face when his excuse for not having paid US$6,617,550 was that he was a mere victim to his financial manager. Needless to say no one was amused including the manager who blamed Cage’s reckless spending habits and the IRS who foreclosed on his multimillion-dollar Las Vegas home in November 2009.

8. Sophia Loren

sophia loren celebrities who have evaded taxes
The actress fell prey to tax evasion in 1982, when she served 18 days of jail time in an Italian prison for a US$7,000 discrepancy on an earlier tax return. Mamma mia, indeed!

9. Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson celebrities who have evaded taxes
According to the Huffington Post, the former Baywatch actress was hit by tax liens by the IRS totalling US$259,395.75 for unpaid taxes in 2011. But it seems like Pamela is a seasoned offender; in 2010 she had reportedly owed US$1.7 million in unpaid taxes. Tch, tch!

10. Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan celebrities who have evaded taxes
The troubled Hollywood star has had many brushes with the law, so this one comes as no surprise. The IRS reportedly seized her bank accounts in 2012 due to non-payment of taxes, despite a helping hand from fellow troubled star, Charlie Sheen. Will this girl never learn?

Know any more celebrities who have evaded taxes? Comment and let us know.

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