The Week That Was: December 8th to 14th

Thank you for your kind approval of this weekly column, The Week That Was. We try our best to include all the things that created a stir in the week, through this often too honest column. So just in case you’ve been busy travelling, working too hard or attending weddings (most likely), we help you catch up on the things that went down in the past week. This week has been a mix of highs and lows, here’s our take on it:

Koffee with Kareena

Caught last week’s episode of Koffee with Karan with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ranbir Kapoor on the couch? I thought it was one of the best. For starters, I bet Ranbir Kapoor didn’t find Kareena’s verbal diarrhea cute at all. But that girl was on fire. The whole episode was unofficially dedicated to Katrina Kaif and her relationship with Ranbir which is now definitely out of the closet. Watch this deleted scene from the episode which shows the tiniest hint of Ranbir’s annoyance. All in all, the episode made for a very entertaining watch and we couldn’t help but smile at the silly antics and brave answers of this dynamic duo of cousins.

Regress some more

One of the saddest days in recent times, the Supreme Court refused to uphold the Delhi high court’s 2009 decision striking down section 377 of the Indian penal code. The latter judgment, while an undoubted milestone, had somewhat prematurely been hailed as “legalizing homosexuality in India”. The Supreme Court’s judgement has in one swoop re-criminalised millions of India’s vulnerable LGBTIQ people. The reinstating of the archaic (literally) law has brought the country shame and has disgusted many. It is heartening to see people and brands take to social media to share their views in support of equality. In my opinion, only one thing needs to be set ‘straight’, and that’s the record. Love triumphs all.


Amul Always Gets It Right

Most Talked About Selfie

This week Obama gave the world the most talked about Selfie. Whatever Obama does makes news anyway, and then he went ahead and took a selfie. No wait, there’s more, the tiny little detail that this happened at great world leader Mandela’s memorial service. And of course his wife was right there, with her ‘wife-special’ look of disdain. Media all over the world has commented and critiqued President Obama’s unruly behavior, his inability to pay respect and his complete lack of social decorum, but can we just cut him and the other world leaders some slack? It’s just a little bit funny, don’t you think? Besides, selfie hasn’t been chosen word of the year for nothing!


Obama Caught In The Act

Hrithik-Sussanne Split

Nothing stirs an Indian heart like an adorable love story gone sour. For some reason the Hrithik Sussanne separation has the whole country talking. The superstar and his childhood love had made a place in all our hearts. They made you believe that love, marriage and commitment were possible in today’s day and age. Until now. Watching them split is like opening our own eyes to today’s complicated times. While both have released their own respective statements about their split, the media is rife with rumors ranging from Sussanne’s affair with Arjun Rampal to Hrithik’s affair with Barbara Mori. And the sad thing is, there are two kids here whose life just changed. We wish the family peace and strength in this difficult time and the unfailing romantics in us hope that they do work it out after all…sigh.

Break Up

Not A Fairy tale After All

These were the top, most talk worthy events last week. Do let us know if we had them all covered. Here’s to an amazing new week, cheers!

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