The Week That Was: December 22nd to 28th

I’m pretty sure you all have a life! So it’s very hard to keep up with everything that’s making news in the whole week. That’s where I step in, with a weekly round up at your disposal. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, you can’t ignore ‘em. That’s this week’s events just for you:

Legandary Actor Farooque Sheikh Passes Away

Our generation probably knows him best for essaying the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s adorable father in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Farooque Sheikh was a legend in his own right, lending amazing performances to Indian cinema, Indian theatre and television. His acting skills were both nuanced and seasoned and he will be remembered for them forever. They say the good die early, and the industry is mourning his sudden death caused by a heart attack at the age of 65. We pray his soul rest in peace, and send prayers to his family and loved ones. A humble man, gone too soon, but his love for cinema will always be remembered – jeena issi ka naam hai.

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Kejriwal Wins!

I’m pretty sure there are lots of people out there like me who think politics are messy and not quite easy to understand. But the sudden wave of this name Arvind Kejriwal made me realize that I simply can’t ignore this news and have to cover it in my weekly round-up. So here’s what I learnt: AAP – Aam Aadmi Party, (Kejriwal’s party launched in November 2012) took just one year to shake things up in the Indian political scenario. His win as Chief Minister of Delhi hopefully marks the beginning of an era where people’s grievances are truly heard, understood and resolved. While AAP shows a lot of promise, let’s hope their actions speak louder than words.


Ready To Serve The Mango People?

Kim’s Christmas Gift

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are always in the news. They named their daughter North West? Yeah, we are over that! But we have to report the bizarre Christmas gift that Kanye got Kim: one-of-a-kind Hermes handbag that features a painting of several nude figures and was created by artist George Condo. The lavish brown leather bag features four scantily clad figures painted on one side, with the central character – a striking female beauty – looking solemn while surrounded by the other three figures, who appear to have ghoulish faces. Errm, Okay Kim and Kanye…whatever floats your boat.

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Even THIS Makes News

Gauhar Khan took it away!

And now to the news that made me most happy this week! The contestant I was rooting for, Gauhar Khan, stole the show quite literally. She won Bigg Boss 7, found love in that house and walked away with her head held high. She basically showed us how it’s all done. Despite the media and even Salman Khan rooting for Tanisha more than her, she came out stronger. Her dedication to her tasks, her frank nature and zest for life resonated with girls all over. I’m so glad you won Gauhar, but you were my winner anyway! (Ps: The whole episode was super entertaining and Salman Khan looked drool worthy). Will miss Bigg Boss 7 and how!

Gauhar Khan

The Winner of BB7

That was this week’s round up, tell us what you think.
Oh! And see you now in 2014. Happy New Year, stay safe. Lots of love.

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