The Week That Was: December 15th to 21st

Did ya’ll have a good week? Well I hope you’re hungry to recap it. As you already know it’s our job and duty to keep you in on everything that created a stir in the week, through this often too honest column. Go on, read, knowledge is power, and all that jazz.


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Bigg Boss Evictions

For an oft criticized reality show, Bigg Boss sure has the whole nation talking. First Kushal’s surprise mid week eviction and now if it isn’t Mr Strong Contender Armaan Kohli himself. No one thought Armaan would leave simply because of just how strongly Salman Khan seemed to have backed him up all season. Maybe his recent arrest has something to do with his fan base (ahem) shrinking. Cannot thank Sofia enough. The problem with this country is men like Armaan, and call me biased or help me bid very good riddance to the era of macho male morons. Now the question remains who among Tanisha, Andy, Sangram, Gauhar and Ajaz will win. Any guesses?


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Bye Bye!

Yeh Devyani Kaun Hai?

I’ll tell you two things, she has a complicated last name: Khobragade and she was awfully popular on twitter this last week. The uproar surrounding the arrest of Devyani Khobragade, India’s deputy consul general in the Consulate General of India in New York has evoked some major responses. Was she strip searched and treated as a hardened criminal? Did the US authorities mistreat her? Was she wrong in the first place? These are answers we really don’t know. But of course we are Indian, and we need to have an opinion about everything! So from politicians to the brightest minds on the twitterverse, everyone has something to say. Do you? You also think #DevyaniHumiliated?

Oh and of course in a classy bid to get back at the US, we retaliate by attacking and damaging a Domino’s Pizza outlet in Bandra (East). Go figure!


Naam Toh Suna Hoga

Are you spending Rs 900 to watch Dhoom 3?

I have a question. In this money, am I taking Abhishek Bachchan home to give me a private performance? Because then, I’ll think about it. I hate how Mumbai is a free market, whatever the hell that means, so the rise in ticket prices is as high as 60%. Nationally the average ticket price will go up by 10-12 per cent. Wow, great! In other news, the review is mixed. People are loving Aamir Khan, why are we not surprised. The rest they say, is the usual Dhoom fare. All said and done, I’m dying to catch the movie. Till then let’s watch a snippet of the most expensive song in Bollywood (maybe they are charging us the sky to recover the cost of this song alone). Sigh! 

Virat Kohli Almost There

I’m amused at myself for covering cricket news. But a) I owe it to all the people out there who love cricket and b) It’s Virat Kohli news! I mean have you seen the guy? I’m rooting for him even when he’s not on the pitch. And this week, he killed it. Well, almost. Kohli was four runs away from being the fourth Indian, and the first No.4 batsman, to hit hundreds in each innings of a five-day game.  Well no sweat Kohli, you have many more records to make. After all, you’ve got game! ;)

Virat Kohli


These were the top, most talk worthy events last week. Do let me know if we had them all covered. Here’s to an amazing new week, stay fabulous dahlings!

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