The Week That Was: 20th to 26th January

Hello dahlings! How has the week been? Well if you were rich, famous or both we would cover your life in the week that was. For now, check out the celebrity news and live vicariously through them. Also, don’t mind my bitchy vibe, I figure sometimes it’s only healthy to let it out. What say? Read on…

Bieber Arrested

Boy does Justin love showing up in our weekly update. This time, it’s for drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. During the investigation, the singer made statements that he had consumed some alcohol, that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication. Anyhoo, he was arrested and soon let out on bail.
Bieber is the highest-paid teenager in the world of entertainment, worth $58m (£35m) according to Forbes magazine. We can understand why that gets to his head, but show some focus young boy? What is really funny though is his mug shot that has gone viral. Do you see the striking resemblance to Miley Cyrus as well?


Brother and Sister?

SRK Injured

Hey, even if he had a little splinter in his finger, I’d probably report it. But my favourite SRK has suffered a fracture in his right shoulder and his left knee patella is torn. This is result of a freak accident on the sets of Happy New Year, the Farah Khan movie. He was rushed to Nanavati Hospital and resumed shooting after his visit. But later that night they ran some tests, and he has been advised bed rest. Please take care SRK. It won’t be a happy new year till you are well and kickin’ it.


He Can Make A Sling Look Good

Nadal Loses Austalian Open Final To Wawrinka

A li’l snippet for all the tennis lovers: The stage was all set for the World No. 1 to win his 14th Grand Slam title to equal the great Pete Sampras.  Though Nadal’s back did give him trouble and he even took treatment for it mid-game there was no stopping the brilliant game played by Stanislas Warwinka. It was a glorious win for Wawrinka, who had not beaten Nadal in their previous 12 matches as he rallied to win the fourth set and take the championship.


Love all? Nah! 

Varun Dhawan Says Main Tera Hero

When the King of masala-entertaining-Bollywood movies is your own dad, you can only hope he casts you if not gives you that dream launch. So the inevitable has happened, as David Dhawan directs beta Varun Dhawan and gives him a chance to show off his antics, abs and more in the soon to be released Tu Mera Hero. Will he be the new Salman Khan or Govinda? You decide:

Alia The Singer

Barely a movie old, this Student Of The Year actress has turned singer in her second film Highway with the song ‘Sooha Saha’ which is composed by none other than Oscar winner A R Rahman. We have to admit, she does sound very soothing in her very first attempt.

Kudos to Rahman and Imtiaz Ali for discovering this talent. And double kudos to Alia for being so talented and brave. Guess PC paved the way for dual roles huh? Anyway, if the trailer of Highway is anything to go by, Alia seems to have killed it in this movie. Guess Karan Johar will finally stop asking, ‘Who’s the next big thing?’ Your move Parineeti…

That pretty much sums up our list of the week that was. Of course I did watch both the Screen and the Filmfare, but was a tad disappointed as I found them shoddily scripted and barely exciting. But I guess it’s only courtesy, so Congratulations to all the winners…*yawn*. (Okay, I promise next week I’ll be nicer.)

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