From Wild Child To Elegant Lady: 5 Incredible Celebrity Style Transformations

We’ve all gone through a rebellious phase in our teens, but these five celebrity ladies have taken the phrase ‘being wild’ one step further. Formerly known for being a wild child, today they have grown and their style has evolved with them (for the better). From troubled, party girls with coloured hair and punk rock, edgy looks, they have blossomed into elegant ladies in designer gowns. We take a look at their style evolution and give you a few outfit picks that you can adopt.

1. Angelina Jolie
Before she was a globetrotting UN spokesperson and mommy of six with aristocratic style, Angie had a dark, goth-inspired look (which isn’t exactly what we’d call attractive). Over the years, her style has undergone a complete transformation, ultimately landing on figure-flattering gowns with thigh-high slits focusing on an already gorgeous figure. Her signature all-black ensembles are still there, but have made way to more feminine and elegant outfits. This thrill-seeker’s love for leather pants wont die anytime soon, but that’s something we don’t mind!

celebrity transformations

celebrity transformationsStyle Picks: Green halter neck gown, colour block peep toe shoes, emerald stone earrings, gold cuff & black clutch.

2. Nicole Richie
This mother of two has come a long way from her wild, party-animal days (remember The Simple Life with Paris Hilton?). Today, she has become a fashion icon with many young  fashionistas copying her contemporary-meets-boho style. Nicole has also collaborated with a number of fashion brands such as QVC and Macy’s, and has her own clothing line called House of Harlow 1960.

celebrity transformations

celebrity collaborationsStyle Picks: Golden gown, golden chandelier earrings, black cuff & black box clutch.

3. Kelly Osbourne
Daughter of legendary rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly has been in the spotlight since she was a child. Her transformation was literally a story of ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan. She went from a chubby little kid with funky hairdos and punk style to retro glam, which she pulls off effortlessly. Kelly also co-hosts one of the most fashion forward shows on television, Fashion Police, and is a style inspiration for all plus-sized women. This girl has definitely become a force to be reckoned with.

celebrity transformations

celebrity transformationsStyle Picks: Black jeans, black suede pump shoes, white full sleeve pocketed top, denim jacket, round sunglasses & beige clutch.

4. Courtney Love
The rocker from the band Hole (and widow of Kurt Cobain) was notorious for living life dangerously. Her usual style included lingerie, messy hair and running makeup. Today, she has sobered up her act and cleaned up her style, opting for designer chic, feminine and figure-flattering outfits. She even debuted a clothing line in 2012 called Never The Bride, which is a combination of grunge and Victorian vintage designs. We approve!

celebrity transformations

celebrity transformationsStyle Picks: Black dress, beige peep toe shoes, beige trench coat, black tote & pearl necklace.

5. Pink
Believe it or not, this rebellious, pink-haired (duh!) punk rocker has now grown into an elegant lady. The mother of one went from being one of the boys with a tough, don’t-mess-with-me kind of style to more trendy and refined feminine outfits. However, she still manages to incorporate her edgy personality, even if she is wearing a gown. Guess you can never take the wild child out of this woman!

celebrity transformations

celebrity transformationsStyle Picks: Grey pants, white shirt, silver earrings & black and metallic ballerina shoes.

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