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Every star worth his or her salt has an arsenal of stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists to make them look perfect before they hit the red carpet. But some stars manage to bring their glamour to their everyday dressing too.  If you are looking for some street style inspiration, look no further than these celebs rocking street style as they make everyday routine look effortlessly fashionable.

Jessica Alba

Jessica albaAn everyday ensemble of jeans, flats, a plain T-shirt and blazer looks anything but average when styled by Jessica. She always sports the latest trends on her daily coffee run making it look oh so fabulous. From retro wide legged jeans to maxi dresses and printed blazers, the sultry actress brings runway trends to the pavement. Be it sun or rain, she is always seen accessorising her outfits with scarves. We all can take an accessorising tip or two from her on how to use hats, scarves and blazers.

Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusWhen she’s not busy shocking us with her antics on stage, Miley manages to wow us with her street style. Miley’s particular style sense may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that she puts a lot of thought into her cool meets punk-rock-chic wardrobe. She is seen mostly in crop tops, combat boots, leather and spikes, flaunting her pilates-perfect body.

Miranda Kerr

MirandaThe Victoria’s Secret Angel never fails to amaze when she steps out in public. Supermodel mom Miranda Kerr is a true style icon. Her killer off-duty outfits are applauded by countless style blogs for their spot-on mix of sex appeal, sportiness, and elegance. She dons flawlessly styled ensembles and we are yet to see her in bad outfit.

Zooey Deschanel

zoey 2The “New Girl” star’s fashion sense is just as adorable off the set as on. Zoey’s street style is very much like her character, kooky and cute. Her staples include cute ballet flats, tights, poofy skirts, and solid colours. Her geek chic look is so comfy and relatable. Don’t forget her cute nail art as well.

Taylor Swift

taylorTaylor Swift doesn’t just nail her red carpet looks but also her daily casual style too. Taylor’s girl next door style is one we absolutely adore. Simple yet classy, her outfits ooze sophistication. She’s always out and about with either statement sunnies or shows us how to wear a colour just right. We love her skater dresses, tights and oxfords.

Alessandra Ambrosia

AlesBetween her coloured denim, statement sunglasses and fabulous footwear, the model always manages to give us major outfit envy. We can’t seem to have enough of her pins as well. She loves her cut off denims and somehow makes them look super elegant. Almost always seen in trendy flats, her style is comfy and laid back. Perfect for the weekends.

Deepika Padukone

DeepikaWe love her cool mix of high street and luxury clothing. She is mostly seen in a jeans and tee combo on her off shoot days or while catching a flight. Her style is hip, young and interesting. She loves flaunting her latest bags and has quite a collection with Guccis, Diors, Birkins, Celines and Louis Vuittons.

Sonam Kapoor

SonamThe true blue Bollywood fashionista is known for her effortless style. Once she entered the industry Bollywood stepped up their fashion game. From crop tops to retro sunglasses, she has sported every trend with panache. We are always looking at her cool girl chic style for fashion pointers and inspiration.


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