5 Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup Look

You’ve loved the celebrities in glamorous avatars on screen. In fact, we know you’ve been trying to get Deepika’s perfect eyebrows and Kareena’s gorgeous pout. But sometimes these very stars look fabulous while going completely au naturel. Here are five celebs who completely rock the no-makeup look.

1. Deepika Padukone
Whether as the coy actress in Om Shanti Om or the crazy party girl in Cocktail, Deepika is known for her gorgeous looks. However, there are a few times when this diva goes simple, and totally works it.

Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup 2. Kareena Kapoor
With her gorgeous skin and beautiful eyes, Kareena often goes with little or no makeup. However, our favourite look of hers was during the movie Omkara. A simple line of kajal and nude lips made her look absolutely stunning.

Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup 3. Alia Bhatt
This dimpled beauty needs little to light up her face, and is often spotted without any makeup. In this particular image we like how she stuck to just some glossy foundation and kohl eyes.

Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup 4. Shraddha Kapoor
Her stunning smile and deep eyes are what her fans love her for, and her flawless skin only adds to the look. With a soft peachy blush and kajal, Shraddha owns the natural style of makeup.

Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup 5. Lady Gaga
Alright, Bollywood has shown its (subtle) colours but Hollywood isn’t far behind. And who better than Lady Gaga to depict this! This singer is known for her outrageous makeup looks and hair wigs, but in this one she looks like an angel with her soft peachy glow and light, glossy lips.

Celebs Who Rock The Natural Makeup
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