Ew! 10 Nightmarish Hairstyles Your Favourite Celeb Has Sported

We know you want that perfect celebrity hairstyle and that shiny, bouncy hair every time you step out. And we don’t blame you—from Priyanka to Kangana, each of these divas have a great hair day every day. But there have been times when even they have made horrific hair decisions.

Yes, it’s true! Celebs can have terrible, eyesore hairstyle and colour too. We show you 10 nightmarish celebrity hair looks.

1. Priyanka Chopra
PC is known for looking sexy and sultry in almost everything she does—but she went through her phase of bad hair days, too. In this image, taken back in 2003, Piggy Chops’ hair looks almost burnt and damaged with colour. Besides, we hate the blonde-brown shade. Looks like, along with her nose and lips, her hair got a facelift as well!

Celebs With bad HairstylesL to R: Priyanka Chopra in 2003 and now

2. Kangana Ranaut
Style icon and fashion diva Kangana has had quite a few hits and misses when it comes to her hair. While we love those curls, we sure wish she had managed them well in the early 2000s. Fading colour, rough texture and a bad haircut is not what we think of when we think of this stylish diva now.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - KanaganaL to R: Kangana in the early 2000s and now

3. Rani Mukerji
The queen of hearts committed a major hair faux pas with her ‘young’ look in Ta Ra Rum Pum back in 2007. Brownish hair colour with a forehead covering fringe is totally not suiting the actress’ round face. Thank you for going back to your classic hairstyle, Rani.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - raniL to R: Rani in Ta Ra Rum Pum and now

4. Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi’s long tresses have always been a boon for her, especially since she has a rather large forehead. But in this picture from Lootera promotions last year, they look less like gorgeous locks and more like a worn-out broom. With all the styling and professional help, why this result, Sona?

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - sonakshiL to R: Sonakshi Sinha during the promotions of Lootera and now

5. Vidya Balan
This Bollywood beauty has committed her fair share of fashion crimes, from ill-fitting clothes to loud makeup. But why get a cut that makes your face look bigger and probably even bloated, Ms Balan? If you were trying to change your image, this was a really bad idea. Good to know you’ve got out of that Kismet Konnection bad hair phase. Now, stick to your soft curls and Sabyasachi saris, please.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - vidya balanL to R: Vidya Balan in Kismet Konnection and now

6. Bipasha Basu
Wow, tough to imagine this hottie with horrible hair, right? Well, you’re wrong!  Back in 2008, she made a royal mess with her hair. Red coloured bangs—really? So glad she decided to change her hairstylist!

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - bipasha L to R: Bipasha Basu in 2008 and now

7. Ameesha Patel
An Indian skin tone with bright blonde hair—need we say more? Ameesha has to be the lady with the worst hair in Bollywood.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - ameesha patelL to R: Ameesha Patel in 2010 and now

8. Scarlett Johansson
We cannot imagine anything being out of place when it comes to Ms Johansson. Every man’s dream, she looks flawless in anything she wears. But we were proven wrong with this picture taken in 2003. The strange pixie cut is not suiting her angular face at all. Scarlett, honey, take inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence, please.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - scarlettL to R: Scarlett Johansson in 2003 and now

9. Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore got the ombré look totally wrong in the first picture and totally right in the second one. Wonder how that happened? Drew, we’re happy you eventually learned from your mistake.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - drew barrymoreL to R: Drew Barrymore in 2011 and now

10. Britney Spears
Yes, the award for the craziest look goes to Britney—and you can see why! She went bald in 2010 on a whim and didn’t bother to carry it off like a fashion diva. Thank you for growing those lovely blonde tresses back.

Celebs With bad Hairstyles - britneyL to R: Britney Spears’ long hair and bald look in 2010

Have more to add to the list of horrifying celebrity hairstyles? Write to us in the comments section.

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