Chachii To Run Errands For You

Late charges on phone bills, failing to run errands on time and petty chores piling up on your to-do-list. You may have one of those fancy apps on your smart phones assuring you an organised life, but let’s face it, you might never be able to juggle everything. For the ones who don’t have snazzy apps, you can still pick up your phone and call for Chachii.
A web-based services company, will sort out any household or office chores that require your attention. The team will let you hire helpers who will get groceries for you, pay your bills on time, arrange for gifts for your better half, help you while shifting houses and even cook, clean and do the laundry for the day. Submit a task on the website or give them a call and they will arrange for a service provider to get your work done. Payment is accepted only by cash that needs to be done after the job is completed. Check their rate card here.
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