Chalk It Up To Some Shoe Style

Many of us talk of having recurring dreams that haunt even the best of us. Some dream of falling, some dream of failing. But are you one of those who have recurrent dreams about a particular pair of shoe that you might have seen in a store, at a show or on the internet? You know those shoes could also be a figment of your imagination? You can now lighten up, as we tell you of a brand that will handcraft your shoes for you, exactly the way you want it.
Chalk Studio is an online store that was launched in Spetember 2012. Retailing out of its Facebook page, it is for those annoyed women who always find a peach coloured shoe when in fact they want a coral coloured one. Chalk Studio has a product catalogue that you can browse through for available shoes that are ready to be shipped. But in all honesty, their products are not restricted to a specific type. Since they have an in-house manufacturer, they are big on fulfilling your wish and including all kinds of customization that you have in mind.
You can check out their ready-to-flaunt shoes here. To enquire about the pricing details and customization, write to them at To order a pair, you need to mail them the name or the code of the shoe, the style number, your shoe size, your address (for courier purposes) and your phone number on the same email address. They accept payment via bank transfers and cheques and are open to shipping shoes all over the world.
That pair of shoes your cousin across the seven seas was talking about? Getting it and gifting it is now a real possibility!
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