Che Bar and Grill Review: Pocket Friendly But Not Palate Friendly

‘To be realistic and to demand the impossible;’ the one liner that was pasted on the walls and the menu of the newly opened Che Bar and Grill in Churchgate. The restaurant tries, falls down on its knees, gets up and yet fails to leave a lasting impression. It simply falls short of living to our expectations.

Although the blend of black and red at the entrance gives the restaurant a chic look, everything runs downhill the moment you step in. With gloomy interiors, we found the place to be deserted. The menu covers wraps, pizzas, pastas, burgers and special Mumbai delicacies. With tiny flags of the countries beside the name of the dishes, the menu familiarises you with the origins of the dishes.

Che Bar and Grill apparently doesn’t follow rules; rather they seem to like to break them. It was quite unusual when the plate of nachos that was ordered after the drinks was the first to be be placed in front of us. A quick note to the servers – sometimes it’s better to go by what the book says. The nachos were fairly pleasing to the eyes. The so called legendary nachos had sour cream and salsa sauce that was unevenly distributed. It was a messy affair that did not end well. Our drinks finally made it to our table; the cosmopolitan and the midnight mojito. The midnight mojito was nice and strong, layered half with dark rum and half with white rum. The cosmopolitan with vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice also managed to get our approval. Our sever seemed not well versed with the menu and the service in itself was laid back. With the music changing its beat ever so often, we wondered what mood the restaurant was trying to set for.

Following the easily forgotten nachos, were the cottage cheese shashilik and the non-veg platter. The cottage cheese shashilik under the Aamchi Mumbai category on the menu tasted nothing like a Mumbai delicacy. It had little salt and lacked flavour. The non-veg platter on the other hand was presented well and was appetizing as well. Quite happy with the platter consisting of chicken Cuban bombas, fish croquettes (small fried rolls with mashed potatoes and fish), adequately barbecued chicken wings and French fries, we glanced through the rest of the menu hoping that finally the worst was over. But alas! We couldn’t have been more wrong.

The chicken burger with garlic mayo and black olives looked pretty tempting. But looks can turn out to be deceiving. The core of the burger was bland. Our tongues were screaming for flavours by now. The gratin dauphinos were a notch better with baked potatoes in cream, cheese and grated nutmeg. The last dish to sit on our table was the cubanito king size prawns flambe dark rum. Sauteed in tomatoes, onions and parsley with traces of rum; the prawns were palatable.

Disappointed with the poor service and the unpleasing food, we decided to let go of the desserts. Putting an abrupt end to our meal, we left the restaurant wondering how little of a difference was made after transforming Chez Vous to Che Bar and Grill.

A meal for two would cost Rs. 2,000 including alcohol.

Address: Che Bar & Grill, 42 MK Road, Shop 6/7, Eros Building, Opposite Churchgate Station, Facing Oval Maidan, Mumbai 400020

Che Bar and Grill might be temporarily shut. We shall update you on the same soon.

- Esha Chanda

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