Check out the New Collection at Tappu Ki Dukan

GET: Check out a new range of curios and home decor at Tappu Ki Dukan

IN: Tappu Ki Dukan, 27-A, Kermani Building, Mezzanine floor, Glass door through Saxonia Spects, Sir P.M. Road, Fort,  Mumbai – 400001, Phone: 022 22043716

ON: Whenever you want.

IT: Check out the new range here.

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House Magazine Rack – Made of metal sheet and powder coated black or red, this magazine rack is designed to hold both your newspapers and magazine neatly and separately.
With the roof designed to hold an average newspaper, and the base to hold all your favourite magazines, the House magazine rack makes a cute addition to any home.
Just Rs. 2,500 for this house! ;-)

Candied Chocolates or candles - Available in a box of 6 and 12, these candied candles add a little twist to the usual gift- a box of chocolates. Made to look like little nuggets of milk and white chocolate, these little devils could fool anyone in the first glance. Box of 6 – Rs. 240 & box of 12 – Rs. 340

Reversible eco-friendly calendar bags for 2011 – Rs. 495

Sugar, Coffee & Tea dibbas are back in the store! Confuse the ants, put Sugar in the Coffee jar – Rs. 300 each

Thaw – This ingenious tea light holder (available in silver and copper) encases your candle in shimmering ice and slowly melts as the evening progresses. Simply fill the silicone mould sitting within the stainless steel tray with water, bung it in the freezer, then pop the ice ‘shade’ over your lit candle. The frozen shade then melts back into the mould over 3 hours. Fire and ice for Rs. 2999

Coloured wooden photo frames – Rs. 1500 for the wooden frame and Rs. 1750 for these coloured ones! (Psst… They have a very exciting one coming for V Day!)

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