Let Your Skin and Hair Have a Happy Holi

While we love the splash of colours, impromptu water dancing and playing like children, Holi is now just another reason to party together with friends and family. However, our skin and hair seem to be getting the wrong side of festivities with acne and split ends. We know that you probably have your own ways of protecting against harmful chemicals, but here’s an easy checklist to see if you’ve prepared your body completely for Holi.

Holi Skin care
• A few days before Holi avoid any kind of regular or chemical beauty treatment like threading or facials. Toxins from the colours may react with your skin causing a total disaster.
• Get authentic coconut oil and apply it generously all over your body, even the unexposed areas. This will create a protective layer between the colours and your skin.
• Opt for casual cotton clothes that will dry off faster than other materials.
• Wear copious amounts of sunscreen on the exposed areas, including back of your ear and between your fingers.

Holi Nails care
• Paint your nails in bright colours to protect them from looking weirdly pink or purple in the week after the festival.
• Wear a light layer of lip balm, and if possible carry it with you and apply often.
• When washing do not scrub harshly with soap, instead use water and cream based cleaner.
• After bathing apply moisturizer generously all over your body.
• For the left over colour use a paste of besan (gram flour) and milk to slowly wash it off.
• Stay away from beauty treatments for a few more days after Holi.
• Keep a cooling moisturizer handy, in the days after Holi and apply it often to help your skin heal.

Holi Skin and Hair Care
• Holi colours tend to dry out your hair so apply authentic coconut oil on your hair from root to tip the night before.
• Avoid leaving your hair open. Use a scarf or tie an interesting braid.
• While washing, rinse your hair with water without using shampoo for at least 30-40 seconds. Once the colours are out, wash with a shampoo for dry hair (even if you normally have oily hair) and condition it well. Use a nourishing serum post wash.
• Avoid any kind of blow dry or chemical treatment to your hair for a few days.
• For the second wash (after Holi) apply yogurt in your hair and keep it for 2-3 minutes then wash it off.

Holi Hair Care

Have some of your own tricks and tips for Holi skin and hair care? Tell us in the comments section. Have a happy Holi!

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