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Remember books? Tiny black words that can change the way you think. Informative pieces of paper bound together with knowledge and love. With technology making its presence felt at every corner, it is hard to get your kids to concentrate on this (now ancient) form of information. To get your kid addicted to this magical, habit-forming world of book reading, Karishma Attari has started The Super Readers Club that takes place in Khar. This gold medalist, who topped her MA in English is a novelist and book reviewer and brings her background in teaching, theatre, literature and experience as a mother to the club for a unique learning environment.

At this friendly club, kids will get to read and learn from award-winning, internationally popular books that are age-relevant and helpful in GK, vocabulary, illustration and imagination. It is important to turn reading into a habit as a child, as it helps the kid gain language confidence and form ethical viewpoints at an early age in a competitive world.

The Super Readers Club is held in 3-month long terms wherein they cover 3 books, with 4 sessions dedicated to each book. This would involve reading, discussions and vocabulary boosters, supplemented with crafts, art and themed worksheets. The goal is to have each child contribute confidently to discussions and reading aloud in a fun and intriguing environment, without pushing them to do so. Kids from the age of 2.5 to 11 years can join the club.

A lot of parents have spoken about how their kids have become avid book lovers and that the club has opened up their minds.

A 3 months / 12 sessions term costs Rs. 4,300 and you can register by calling Karishma on 9821331552 or sending her an email at or

Some more details below:
Age goups:
Ages 2- 5 years: 2 books in 1 term.
Ages 5-8 years: 3 books in 1 term.
Ages 8-11 years: 1 novel in 1 term.


1st Floor, S.H.Ram, Near Little BoPeep
18th A Road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052

G.a Kulkarni Annexe, G A Kulkarni School,
17th Road, Khar (W), Khar Danda, Mumbai – 400052

The Hive
50 – A, Huma Mansion,
Chuim Village Road, Opposite Ahmed Bakery,
Khar West, Mumbai 400052

View The Super Reader Clubs’ Facebook page here.

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