Chokers: How You Can Rock This ’90s Comeback Trend

Move over plain necklaces—the choker is back in style. Even though the choker trend has been around since the 1800s, it had a major resurgence in the ’90s, when (mostly all) celebrities were seen wearing them. And this time around, we have so many more options—pearl, lace, satin, plastic, metallic, beaded, studded and so on. A choker can make even a simple T-shirt look fabulous. And of course, it’s a fabulous dress-up accessory for your formal gowns and dresses. This year, the trend was seen on major runways such as Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Kenzo to name a few . We’ve classified the different types for you so you know which ones to go for.

The Classics
The most common choker styles, which adorned the necks of aristocrats back in the day, were in lace and satin. Plastic, wired chokers were also popular with us 13-year-olds back in the day (we thought we looked so rad). Today, the styles have been drastically modified (thank god) and look way more appealing. Check them out how you can buy and style this trend.
Style Tip: Add a bit of spice to your daily outfit with these classic chokers in lace, satin and neon.


Kinky jewellery is not just limited to Christian Grey’s (bondage activities) bedroom. Many celebrities are sporting them as an edgy and punk style statement. Chokers have been synonymous with Goth style for years, but if you aren’t a fan of Marilyn Manson, you might want to skip on the good old hardcore, spiked choker and opt for something more soft and feminine.
Style Tip: Style these metallic, textured or spiked chokers with simple jeans and a T-shirt—and you are ready to rock the nightclub.

chokersL-R: Miley Cyrus in spiked-, Rita Ora in fanged- & Taylor Momsen in bondage-style chokers

Aristocrats have been fans of chokers for centuries, with gemstones, pearls and gold adorning their necks. But our celebrity ladies are no less royalty, so what if they don’t have blue blood. You can see them channeling their inner queen, especially when the red carpet rolls out.
Style Tip: Transform yourself into an instant glam diva by pairing your gown with a gold, pearl or a studded choker.

chokersL-R: Hayden Panettiere at the Annual Primetime Emmy Awards; Rihanna performing at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; Sonam Kapoor at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

You know you will stand out from the crowd, if you choose an ethnic choker as the main accessory for your attire. You can opt for the Native Indian bone choker, Rajasthani styled old silver or even an African tribal choker with multi-coloured beads.
Style Tip: Fuse your modern maxi skirts or dresses with ethnic jewellery in print, silver or beaded to complete your bohemian chic look.

chokersL-R: Native American, Rajasthani style & African tribal chokers

Runway 2014
This year, models sashayed on the runway with chokers as their main accessory, from Chanel’s big pearls to Zimmermann’s layered metallic rings. Chokers featured prominently at the Paris Haute Couture Week, with Miu Miu, Atelier Versace and Balmain jumping onto the bandwagon.

chokersL-R: Atelier Versace, Chanel, Bijoux & Zimmermann

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