Choose The Right Pair Of Jeans For Your Body Type

Can you ever deny the comfort and relaxed style of a well-fitted pair of jeans? Can you imagine a wardrobe with denim pants? A perfectly fitted pair may look as sexy as an elegant maxi gown if styled well.

With people getting more conscious of this fact, customized jeans are trending like none other in India. Aditya Singhal, CEO of It’s My Life (IML) Jeans, gives us expert tips on how to choose the right pair of jeans for your body type.

Curvy Women


For Marilyn Monroe-like curvaceous women, it is always a delight to wear a nice pair of pants. Opt for jeans that have solid tones- all dark or all light. Avoid faded tones as they thicken legs. Don’t be afraid to wear a gorgeous looking printed top and be a spring diva.

Tall and Leggy Women


If you are one of those model-like tall and leggy women, then congratulations you can wear almost any type of jeans. Flaunt your figure with denims that are tight at the thighs and flared at the bottom. Or what the hell, go skinny! Nothing beats a well-fitted pair of skinny jeans.

Athletic Women


If you have been an athlete since school and have a lean and straight figure, look for denims that have embroidered hems or embellishments on the hip pockets to give an illusion of curves. A classic, straight leg style will look even better when you walk around in your favorite pair of high heeled pumps.

Short Women


If you are the petite little girl who everybody finds extremely cute, then go for classic styles for your short legs. You can also try mid-rise straight jeans or high waist jeans to make your legs appear longer and to give you a taller effect. Don’t forget to wear it with your best heels, or just flat mules. After all, short is sweet.

Now that you know how to wear your denim right, it’s time to find out how to wear your jeans to work and give your boring formal trousers a skip. Master the art, ladies!

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