Chow InOnIt: Top 5 Things to Try at Buddha Belly

The newly opened dim sum chain Buddha Belly has two outposts currently, one at Juhu and the other on Peddar Road. With plans to expand further, they seem to have a simple yet concrete concept- good food, good quality and at good prices.

Bright vibrant interiors, small yet cosy seating options and an energetic vibe bring a refreshing change to the current pretentiously overpriced dim sum dining options in our city. We sampled a fair chunk of their menu and here is our pick of the stand-outs!

Kao Suey at Buddha Belly

1.Spinach & Parmesan (Rs.125 for 4 pieces) (Veg): The filling is exquisite, a mélange of greens and dairy form a flavourful burst in your mouth.  Great to look at and even better to taste, definite winner for the herbivores.

2.Thai Sambal & Cottage Cheese (Rs.125 for 4 pieces) (Veg): If you like a subtle but strong ginger after-taste the Thai Sambal & Cottage Cheese dim sum is your claim to fame, the hints of red chillies and the soothing creaminess of the cottage cheese make this dim sum balance out perfectly.

3.Spinach Prawn Roll (Rs.150 for 4 pieces): First word that comes to mind when you try this is, fresh. The prawn mince is delicately wrapped in a spinach leaf and steamed. Served in a delicious broth of garlic, herbs and seasoning. Light on the palate, this goes well with sweet chilli soya sauce on the table.

4.Chicken Black Bean Roll (Rs.150 for 3 pieces): If subtle isn’t your style try the Chicken Black Bean Roll, a bit heavy on the garlic but if you can handle that you’re going to be very satisfied. The texture of the chicken mince is soft yet juicy and again the freshness adds to the whole dish.

5.Khao Suey (Veg Rs150/ Non- Veg Rs170): A complete meal,  definitely worth trying. The Khao Suey isn’t too creamy and over powering which usually is the case at most joints.  The vegetables aren’t overcooked, the noodles aren’t soggy. Thus wiping all your scepticism after you try the first bite.

Meal for 2: Under Rs.1000 (no alcohol)

Juhu Address: Shop No.2, Sagarika Co-operative Housing Society, Juhu Road, Juhu 022 6565 1546

Pedder Road Address: Ketty House, 74 A Shop No. 1, Near Vama, Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road 022 65651545

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