DIY Christmas Lighting

Christmas is coming up, and along with connecting with our friends and family, playing Secret Santa and re-watching our favorite Christmas movies, we are in the midst of trying to think up creative ideas to decorate our homes. And of course, lighting up your home is a big part of Christmas decor.  We spoke with Aradhana Nagpal, the owner of Dhoop, a one-stop boutique for everything hand crafted and exclusively curated. She gave us some amazingly quirky DIY ideas to help spruce up your home right before the New Year.

1. Disused Audio Cassette Lamp

Audio Cassette Lamp

This Christmas use your redundant audio cassettes; you can do this at home or watch the junk get jazzed up as Dhoop customizes it into a trendy lamp. Pull out your favourite tunes and translate them into great gifts. These contemporary accessories will accentuate your home this festive season. There is also a Do-it-Yourself audio cassette Christmas tree made with unevenly stacked audio cassettes in a pyramid form wrapped with fairy lights on display at the store. Lend some more festive touch to the tree by donning it with Christmas accessories like bells, dolls, socks, etc. Setting the perfect mood for Christmas revelry!

2. Taper Candles in Wine Bottles

Taper Candles in Wine Bottles by Dhoop
Drink up your wine this Christmas and make the most of the trash bottles by translating them into tall candle stands using tapered candles. Make sure the candle used is in a colour contrasting the bottle.

3. Coloured glass tea-light holder
Fill a clear glass with water and add some red colour in them. Presenting to you – a coloured glass votive to place your tea-light candle and brighten the room. You can also add variation by the glass crockery / tableware used.

4. Christmas Lights Wrapped in Organza Fabric

Christmas lights wrapped in organza fabric by Dhoop
Wrap green, red or white fairy lights in sheer fabric and place them on the floor, over the table or simply drape it around the Christmas tree. A gleaming innovative lighting idea!

5. Floating candles
Place water and red rose petals in a flat dish providing a floater, now place some tea-light candles into the decor accent. This floral arrangement will accentuate the room and is a perfect centrepiece.

6. Glass bangle votives

Glass Bangle Votives by Dhoop

Stack up a few red and green glass bangles and place a tea-light candle in the middle. These votives make great Christmas table centre candles as you entertain guests this festive season.

7. Rice Lights in a bottle
Drop some simple white rice lights in an empty wine or tinted glass bottle to add some contemporary fun to the traditional Christmas decor.

Hope this list helped and that you will be trying some of these fun lighting ideas.

If you happen to be in Mumbai, stop by the store to get some quirky decor ideas from Aradhana herself.

Date: 16th -21st December, 2013
Timing: 11 am – 8.30 pm
Contact No- 022 – 26498647
Address: Ground Floor, Premsagar, 14th Road, Lane Opp Cafe Mangi, Off Linking Rd, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400052

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