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Chubs Velvet Suede Flats Black

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Chubs velvet suede flats BlackMoccasin ish in appearance; these velvet suede flats feel like a foot spa on the go You know you want this.Treating your suede shoes with a protective spray or finish will help to repelwater and prevent stains. As with any fabric; test a small; unseen patchfirst. Store suede items so that they can breathe. Avoid plastic bags; opt forcotton flannel shoe bags instead. Keep away from light; which will fade thecolor; and damp conditions; which can encourage growth of damaging mold andmildew. If suede shoes get wet; soak up excess moisture with a clean towel.Then allow the suede to dry naturally; do not use a hair dryer to speed up theprocess. After the item dries; restore the nap the raised fibers typical ofsuede with a suede brush. Use a nail file or suede brush to remove dry mudand scuff marks. Remove oil stains by rubbing talcum powder directly on thespot. After several hours; brush off the powder. Repeat if necessary. Keep inmind that major stains will probably require professional care; inexperienceddry cleaners or cobblers can cause more harm than good. Velvet; Suede blendHeel height 0.4 1 cm ; Width 2.6 inches

Color Black
Material Suede, Velvet
Occasion Evening, Everyday