Cilvana Designs To Showcase Its Indo-Western Couture at DIVAlicious


As the countdown begins for Dubai’s most luxuriant exhibition, DIVAlicious to come to Mumbai on October 15th, we give you another exclusive interview with another brand, Cilvana Designs who you should definitely catch at the shopping extravaganza. Cilvana’s exquisite collections are currently available at Aza and Kimaya in Mumbai and are synonymous with clarity, wearability and versatility. Have a look at our conversation with founder and designer Supriya Sirha .


Cilvana Designs

Cilvana Designs

What is the difference in the shopping mentality of people in Mumbai as compared to people in Dubai?

Interestingly, I have seen a difference between my clients in both cities. People in Dubai love the glitz and glamour, so whatever the event, and wherever the event, they make sure they are decked out from top to bottom. People in Mumbai are far more relaxed, and their mind set allows them to dress up more smart and casual.

What’s the inspiration between your creations?

My designs and creations are mainly inspired through Mother Nature. As I travel a lot between India, UAE, Africa and the UK, my surroundings of birds and wildlife, the flora and fauna, and all the bright colours everywhere allow me to merge it all into my garments.

What’s the theme of your products that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

Since the festive season is around the corner, and Diwali being just a few weeks away, the theme of my collection is based around lifestyle. On sale this time at Divalicious, I will be showcasing this season’s collection of smart, casual tunics and the Diwali collection of anarkalis and smart Indo-Western couture.

There are so many brands and designers taking part in the exhibition, why should a shopaholic visit yours? What sets you apart?

Everyone has a financial budget. I have managed to retail collections that give my clients value for money, without compromising on my quality or the intricacy of the designs.
What sets me apart is the different cuts I have used, which allow the client to repeat the garment at multiple events and parties. I also use materials that are eco-friendly such as pure cotton and pure chiffon, so the outfit sits perfectly on the person.

What’s your personal favourite outfit from your collection that will be on sale at DIVAlicious?

My favourite outfit from this collection has to be the Indo-Western tunics because they are casual, and yet comfortable, so I can wear them anytime with a variety of bottoms such as jeans or tights.

In your opinion, what is an ideal outfit for the modern Indian women?

The ideal outfit for the modern Indian woman has to be the tunic. This is because it is very smart, yet feminine and comfortable, elegant and flowy, and can be accompanied with a pair of trousers that can be worn at a variety of occasions such as to work, evening wear or even just as casual wear.

 As told to Priyanka Ghura.

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