Which City Is Right For You? Decode Your City Fashion!

Much like a person, each city has a personality, an energy that influences its people, their lifestyles and, more importantly, how they dress. So, does your wardrobe scream Delhi chic or are you a closet (pun unintended) bindass Mumbai gal?

Are You The ‘If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It’ Type? Then You’re A Delhi Girl
It’s no secret that Delhi women love to dress up…. marketplaces, doctors’ clinics and gyms being no exception. Big brands, the latest styles and designer wear? Yes, yes and yes, please! From college-going girls to young working professionals, no one is afraid to dress their best at any given time of the day. With a clear emphasis on ‘making an effort’ to look good, Delhi’s girls are fiercely experimental, sporting looks that always turn heads.
Decoded: Even for a casual day at college or work, a summer dress, palazzo pants, floral jeans and skirts are go-to outfits. But for anything even slightly more formal, say a lunch with close friends, the cocktail dresses come out, with the Birkins in tow!

The Delhi Look and Sonam Kapoor gets the Delhi look to perfection
Interestingly, Delhi’s fashionistas love to bring out their desi side often; while Fab India kurtas are somewhat of a staple across all ages, colourful dupattas are used to brighten up a simple jeans and tee combo or paired with an ankle-length skirt and a spaghetti top for the ever so popular ‘fusion’ look (worn with tons of kajal, Kolhapuri chappals and chunky silver jewellery, of course).

The Delhi Look and An ankle lenth skirt is essential for an arty affair
If you’re heading to the malls (where all the city’s fashionistas descend to parade their latest buys), then don’t forget to pair your shorts and formal shirt with a seriously high pair of heels; a true blue Delhi gal would rather be caught dead than without her Steve Maddens!

Do You Believe In The Adage ‘Less Is More’? You’re A Mumbai Girl, Out and Out
More often than not, Mumbaikars are described as ‘chilled out’. And the same accusation is hurled at them for their dressing style. Even at a so-called upmarket hangout, the most fashionable girls opt for casual tees, jeans and a pair of flip flops. With a strong focus on functionality, Mumbai’s girls would rather move around in cool, comfortable clothes that let them breathe (a bandage dress in the month of May is the quickest way to kill yourself here).

The Mumbai Look and Deepika sure loves her ripped jeans

Decoded: Sure, they love their dresses and shorts (and being in one of the safest cities in India means they can wear them without being ogled) but even so, they will dress them down by pairing them with a pair of gladiators and maybe a pair of oversized frames. Of course, as you move towards the southern parts of the city, the big brands do sort of take over but, even then, one always appears as though no effort were made at all. Take that, Delhi!

Do You Love Your Formals? Then You’re A Closet Bangalore Girl
Okay, so with the weather Gods always smiling down on the city, Bangalore’s girls rarely have to really work at looking flawless all the time (no frizzy hair, dry flaky skin or sweaty runny makeup). No wonder Bangalore’s fashionistas have earned quite a reputation for setting style statements that are funky, edgy and classic. Given the large population of young working professionals and infinite options to party, girls here are pros at dressing up and dressing down the same outfit according to the occasion.

The Bangalore Look and Priyanka Chopra pairs a formal jacket with a funky dress
In fact, Bangalore is one of the few Indian cities where women get their formal office wear right (Barney Stinson would be so proud!). From three-piece formal suits, wide-leg trousers, summer jackets and formal skirts to a wide range of office dresses, the city’s girls sure know how to do office chic. And when the sun goes down, the boring office shoes are replaced with a pair of gorgeous heels, the ties are undone and the jackets are forgotten because a Bangalore gal truly knows that the ultimate style statement is to just be herself!

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