Citybliss: Rejuvenation On Wheels

Citybliss is a spa on wheels that lets you feel pampered and rejuvenated wherever you are in the city. You can either call the spa to your preferred location or experience its services on your way to work or while travelling.

On experiencing this service as we took a ride from Nariman Point to Peddar Road, whilst getting a deeply comforting foot massage, we were certainly in bliss. The van was furnished with comfortable reclining leather seats and the beige and black interiors felt luxurious. They also had a screen that showed you a view of where the van was headed. There were magazines to browse through as we rode and also plug points to connect our laptops incase we were in workholic mode. But of course, we were not! We settled in comfortably and didn’t realize where the time went. A thumbs up to the service as well.

We also met with Swadeep Patil, the founder of Citybliss, to know more about this one-of-a-kind spa.

Where did the idea for having a spa on wheels originate?

I grew up in Kerala, but I spent most of my time travelling to Mumbai for work. I had noticed how people are always in a hurry here; the running and rushing from one place to another never ends. It was on my flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai, when the idea of having a spa on wheels originated. I had visited a spa at the airport that I found to be very useful to everyday travellers, who lead a busy life and have no time to spend on themselves. This is what made me think of a spa that could come to you instead of you going to it.

How useful do you think Citybliss is as compared to other spas that have a fixed location?

India as a whole is progressing. We have to constantly modify the way in which we treat our customers by giving them newer and better services. Most people only manage to go to spas on weekends as going to a spa requires too much time. Citybliss, unlike other spas, allows people to be able to indulge without spending too much time or energy.

How does the Citybliss service work and what are the facilities provided in a Citybliss van?

All you need to do is to call us and based on the availability of the van we’ll fix an appointment. A minimum 2 hours notice is needed. Our van will come to your address and let you savour the service. The van has a driver, 2 masseuses and 6 therapies for you to choose from.

Does the van only come to the customer and remain there or can the customer also indulge in treatments offered while traveling somewhere?

You can do both. While on the move, we offer 3 treatments— head, foot and face massage. All the 6 treatments are offered when the van is stationary.

Do you feel that people will prefer having a spa coming to them more than going to one?

Citybliss is for those who don’t have much time on their hands, but love to pamper themselves. If you have a busy schedule with little or no time for yourself, Citybliss lets you experience quick spa therapies that help you be refreshed and rejuvenated.

You can also check out Citybliss on Facebook.

- InOnIt Team

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