‘The Trophy’ Comes Alive at Maskara Art Gallery

GET: to check out the ‘The Trophy’, seven simultaneous 16 mm film projections that depicts a fantastic world of perverse games where dogs attack and savage decimate chairs and little tortoises struggle to move large tables

IN: Gallery Maskara, Warehouse on 3rd Pasta Lane, 6/7 3rd Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai

ON: from the 15th of feb till the ‘ides of March’

IT: The preview is 14th February, from 6.30 to 9.30 pm. Gallery timings on other days are from the 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Closed on Mondays.

A little about some of the works on display:

The Musical Chair, 2007: Throughout history the chair is acknowledged as a symbol of authority, wealth and status and a part of our daily lives. In this installation, as you watch three dogs attack a chair and completely destroy it, you are presented with a visual metaphor for attack on civilization as well as the conflict between the inherent domesticity of the chair and the wild nature of the animals.

The Trophy, 2010: A stuffed animal is the illusion of a real animal. As you watch the deer head, which looks like a trophy high on a wall, you suddenly believe you may be imagining things as the deer blinks and moves its head. Using our judgement of spatial characteristics i.e. how can a head hung high on a wall belong to an animal that is still alive and also our perception of severed objects i.e. a body without a head or vice versa cannot be alive, the artist creates some very interesting illusions makes us challenge our perceptions versus reality.

About the Artist: Ruben Bellinkx, born in Wilrijk, Belgium in 1975 and lives and works in Brussels. He is n artist, adventurer and story teller. His latest works are complex and beautifully filmed interventions that establish an ambiguous relationship between man-made objects and animals. To view more of his work and for more details, click here.

About Maskara

Gallery Maskara has a clear and compelling mission to take a global and multidisciplinary approach to art that  responds to the cultural fabric of our time, thus fueling critical dialogue, collaboration, and public engagement. Simply put its mandate is to exhibit and promote art of  the present. The project space known as ‘Warehouse on rd Pasta’ is  located in the heart of downtown Mumbai on 3rd Pasta  lane in Colaba, and functions as a hub for the  exploration of emerging ideas in contemporary art. Although the space feels and functions much like an art foundation or a museum, it is a commercial gallery. We  fill an important gap in the art scene in India, which lacks public funding for the arts and often overlooks work of visual complexity in favor of commercial  considerations.

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