Classy, Funky & Young- Chalk N Cheese Lifestyle

It could be their Moustache Stirrers or their Beer Mug post-its, but there’s no denying that Chalk N Cheese Lifestyle is one of the most innovative and fun brands you will see around in recent times. We get to know a little more about the brand that is the perfect blend of quirky and contemporary from the founders, Mansi Shah and Henal Sheth. Read on to know more about the brand that will most definitely catch  your eye and make you itch to buy something, maybe even everything from their collection.

Chalk N Cheese on Shop InOnIt

Chalk N Cheese on Shop InOnIt

How and why did you start Chalk N Cheese?

We started Chalk N Cheese Lifestyles because we felt there was a significant need in the marketplace for selling unique gifting products. Both of us had always had a passion for being involved with lifestyle products and decided to combine our vision and launched Chalk N Cheese Lifestyles at the Indian Merchant Chambers (IMC) Women Entrepreneur Exhibition 2012. Our goal was to reinvent everyday lifestyle products that were creative not only in terms of design but also in terms of the colours & materials we planned to experiment with.

What sets you apart from other lifestyle brands? (Your USP)

We believe our strength lies in our design and strong willingness to create unique products that are not available anywhere in the marketplace. This motto has been the driving force for all the products that we have developed so far and believe it is our products that sets us apart from other lifestyle brands. Our designs are a direct output of our designers’ visions and are made from scratch. Additionally, we continue to experiment with new manufacturing techniques to develop new products and believe these initiatives set us apart from the others.

How did you come up with the name “Chalk N Cheese” for your label?

When we were thinking of coming up with a name for our brand, we wanted the brand name to capture the wide range of products that we were looking to develop. In conversation, a dear friend mentioned the phrase “Chalk n Cheese” which signifies two complete opposites as an apt name. The phrase caught our attention almost instantly and we haven’t looked back since.

Your products are extremely funky and unique. What sparks an idea for your unique designs?

We believe our designs are true to our own personal styles and the products reflect the same at some level or another. Both of us have very diverse backgrounds in Creative Arts & Psychology but we share a common passion to recreate lifestyle products. We feed off this energy to draw inspiration from each other to develop innovative lifestyle products.

 What’s your personal favorite item from your collection?

There are many to chose from but we believe our most innovative creation to date has to be our Kolhapuri Wine Coaster set!

Describe your products in one word.

It’s very difficult to describe our products in one word as each product carries its own aesthetic value. Few customers find our products very classy and unique while others find our products funky and young. Our customers’ age ranges from young teens to the late 40’s. Hence, describing our products in one word may be an incomplete representation of the collection.

What’s in the pipeline?

We have received a stellar response to our initial line of products in various forums. Our aim is to continue this progress into 2013 and beyond by adding not only new categories of products but also new designs in the current categories of products.

How are you liking your association with Shop InOnIt?

Although we are still in the early days of our association, we have been very happy with the response we have received from Shop InOnIt customers. We hope to develop new products for these customers in the near future and look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with Shop InOnIt.


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