Coffee, Ink Or Red Wine: How You Can Get Rid Of Pesky Cloth Stains

You’ve definitely been through this. You’re all prepped and ready for a night out, when you spill something on your dress. Disgruntled though you may be, your first instinct is to change into something else and run out that door. You may forget about the soiled outfit temporarily, but leaving that stain in there isn’t the best idea. We give you some quick tips on getting rid of bothersome cloth stains that we all know too well.


You may love your daily caffeine hit or your steaming cup of tea in the morning, but your clothes surely don’t. To eliminate those troublesome brown stains, rub vinegar, talcum powder or even baking soda on the stained area and wash off with hot water.

Okay, so you’ve injured yourself and you probably didn’t notice that drop of blood which is now seeping through your shirt. The one thing that will work on that stain (but definitely not on your wound!) is salt. Run the stained area under some hot water and then sprinkle table salt on it, while rubbing the stained bits together to loosen the blot. Immediately put it in the laundry. But first, find a bandage!

We all know of Vaseline’s numerous beauty benefits. But stain removal too? Petroleum jelly can get a lipstick stain off clothes in minutes. Acetone and glycerin can work too, even on your brightest reds. But remember ladies, if your makeup rubs off on your clothes, it’s too much!

Ink can leave one stubborn stain. But it’s got an enemy—alcohol! Spray some cologne on a wad of cotton and dab it over the stain. You can also replace the alcohol with milk or lemon juice.

Plain old detergent may not always work on oil stains. Use chalk powder or cornstarch to absorb oil or grease stains from clothes. Sprinkle some on the stained area and then dust it away after a few minutes. If that doesn’t work, try shampoo.

Your day out in the park may result in grassy stains on your pants. All you need is plain white toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Squeeze a little amount of paste onto the stains and scrub with a wet toothbrush. Launder as usual to watch the stain disappear! In case you get mud on your shorts too, rub a slice of potato on it for a few minutes.

Red Wine
If there’s red wine around, you better be careful. The only way to salvage an outfit stained with red wine is to act quickly. Dab the stain with some salt or baking powder to absorb the liquid. Then, stretch the fabric out and pour boiling water over it to pull the stain out. Launder as usual.

Where there’s humid weather, there are perspiration stains. But fear not, getting sweat stains off is as easy as it gets. Just leave the clothing in sunlight for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, we recommend shampoo.

Quick InOnIt tip: The older a stain, the harder it is to remove. So, act NOW!

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