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Cobblerz Heels

Price: Rs. 1499 Rs. 1123
Change the what to wear question to when to wear by indulging an addiction for shoes that will keep your feet and legs looking gorgeous always. These Cobblerz Bellies are fashioned with a haute camel and brown upper that will give your blue lace shift dress a kick for that party over the weekend. Crafted from leatherite material, these shoes turn into luxury for your feet so you always can put together a look to leave people gawking at you. The body also boasts a tab with rivet at the back, textured hard soles and a 3 inch heel elevation. Sandals from Cobblerz are an example of what the combination of comfort and style should be; lightweight, comfortable and uber-cool to keep the modern woman attending to everyday errands in style. Footwear Care Clean these bellies with a shoe brush.

Color Brown