Collar Chains

You’ve probably seen cool collar chains around for awhile now. They’re a unique way of accessorizing your style and adding a spunky edge to your ensemble. Great to jazz up a plain shirt or a simple blouse and add a personal touch to your look by choosing collar chains with studs that reflect your personal taste.
Collar Chain

Collar Chain

Make one yourself
Instead of splurging on different collar chains, here is how you can make multiple ones. It’s so easy it’s like child’s play and will only take a few minutes.

What you need:
-Stud Earrings
-A Chain
- Scissors

You can use any type of studs you want to suit your personal style, plain studs or jewelled, in any shape or size, you can even try it with pearl studs. Take a chain- gold or silver, it’s your choice. Figure out how long you want it to hang from the collar, measure the length and cut it accordingly. Next,  put the chain through the back of the earrings on both sides and pierce it through the collar near the tip. Put the screw on the back of the earrings to fasten it to your collar, and voila, you have a new collar chain.
Play around with different types of chains for a unique edge, for example try making one with a spiked chain and blending 2 trends in one. You can use this method with a variety of studs to create loads of collar chains to dress up simple shirts and blouses.

DIY Collar Chain

DIY Collar Chain


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