Color Cocktail Multiple Stripe Summer Maxi Dress Sold Out

Color Cocktail Multiple Stripe Summer Maxi Dress

Price: Rs. 1299
Have a friend's barbeque to attend? No problem! Having lunch with your boyfriend? Not a problem either! This maxi dress is designed to sort your casual dressing out. Made out of super soft and comfy cotton fabric, you can wear it without any worries thanks to the attached innerlay. Featuring multiple stripes and a drawstring drop waist that can be cinched as per your preference, this dress is the perfect pick for summer. Style your hair into a high bun, put on some metallic T-strap sandals and a funky sling bag to go with this dress. Did you know: Franz Xaver Winterhalter's painting in 1847 showed a boy wearing a striped marine jacket. It is approximately in this period that stripes, as a fashion trend, took off.

Pattern Stripes
Material Cotton