Colour Trend: Orange Kiss

ColourblockPartyTop by Ny.Lon Rs.1800

Orange one-shoulder top by Ny.Lon

The orange-obsession has been around since a while this year and it looks like its here to stay. Some people have taken to this vibrant hue instantly while others have been apprehensive to adopt the bold colour into their wardrobe. Be a little daring, surprisingly this shade of citrus blends well with other bright colours like yellow, green and pink as well as with neutral tones.

BusConductorSling by PrincesseK Rs.2500

Peaches, corals and tangerines, these bold shades look fantastic on everything – tops, pants, dresses, jewellery and bags. If you haven’t experimented with this striking colour yet, now is your time to do so. Add a juicy pop of orange on a dull day for an instant mood-lift, its eye-catching and oh so trendy.

Bright Orange Statement Necklace by Dazzling Cuts

Bright Orange Statement Necklace by Dazzling cuts

This fiery colour looks great on every type of skin-tone. Team orange sundresses and maxis with wedges for a chic look. You can try a full orange look or incorporate orange accessories or bags into your sartorial choices to add a dash of vibrancy to any outfit. If you wish to add just a dash of it to your look than an orange bag or scarf to an all white ensemble scores full points on classiness.  Add a touch of tango to funk up your wardrobe!

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